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Summer Entertaining and Dining

Summer Entertaining and Dining

When the weather warms up and you’re finally able to fire up the grill, you may want to invite everyone in the neighborhood over for a delicious meal. If you’re the host or hostess who loves entertaining during the summer, an outdoor kitchen is a must for your backyard. At The Outdoor Appliance Store, we have an amazing selection of grills, fire pits, tables, and more, and you can create the perfect space for those outside gatherings.


Start with the Drinks

When guests arrive on a hot July day, the first thing they’re going to want is a drink. They may want water, lemonade, or something a little stronger, but whatever the case may be, it’s important to have a beverage center chilled and ready to go.

You can have a “build-your-own drink” station where people create their favorite margarita or other mixed drink, and it’s important to check that you have plenty of glassware and ice for each person. 

It can be best to have the beverages further away from the grill so the heat doesn’t affect the ice or the drink ingredients, plus, it can make for a good progression if guests start at one end of the outdoor kitchen and work their way towards the dinner table.

Decorate the Table

Your backyard dining area is an extension of your home, and you want to decorate it like you would the interior of your house.

Adding a centerpiece to the table can provide that pop of color you want, and you can pick some flowers from your garden or put an interesting piece of art on the table.

This can be a conversation starter when people sit down for dinner, and can be a good ice-breaker for someone who is sitting across from a person that don’t know too well.

When decorating the table, make sure to leave enough room for pitchers, serving plates, and toppings. You don’t want to serve Southwest-inspired cuisine and not have room for the salsa and guacamole!

Creating a Unique Menu

There’s nothing wrong with the standard grill fare of hamburgers and hot dogs, but if you want to throw a truly unique backyard summer party, you may have to create a unique menu.

    • Tri-tip beef can be cooked on your pellet grill and then shredded for tacos, and you can complement the main course with some seared vegetables.


    • If you have guests who prefer seafood, check your local deli for fresh fish that can be paired with asparagus and other cooked greens.


    • You’ll of course want to have something for dessert, and the night can end back at the beverage station with some sweet-inspired drinks.


If you’ve been thinking about your summer party plans for a few months and are ready to organize your first get-together, look through our online catalog today. You can find everything you need to supply your outdoor kitchen, or the equipment required to build the backyard kitchen you’ve always wanted. We know you’ll love our selection of high-quality products!