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How to Build an Outdoor Bar

How to Build an Outdoor Bar

Designing your Outdoor Bar

While not everyone may want an outdoor kitchen if they don’t enjoy grilling. If your looking to entertain family and friend but don’t want to invest money in something you might not use as much as you’d like, an outdoor bar set-up may be a great option for you.
Whether you’re looking to add on to an outdoor kitchen plan or building a standalone outdoor bar, we’re here to help you understand what you’ll need and how to choose the best brands that will last outdoors for years.

Outdoor Bar Design

When putting together your outdoor bar we have everything you could think of to build an outdoor bar that your neighbors will be jealous of. It’s always a good idea to lay out the bar design in a drawing or even use painters tape to get a visual in the actual area where it will be going.

Design Constraints:

Be mindful of how much space you have available (if unsure give us a call: 844-305-0125 and we’ll be glad to walk you through measuring for appliances)
Electrical and plumbing availability; is your plumbing piped into the area you’d like your outdoor bar? Do you have electrical outlets for appliances?
Having to get either an electrical line ran to the desired space or plumbing ran to that location is going to significantly increase your project cost.
If you have a tight budget and want to stick to it give us a call or contact us via live chat, we’ll work with you to make sure that you maximize your budget
Building Your Outdoor Bar
Now that you have your planned out your bar, here are some pro tips for building:

When framing the structure of the bar common materials used are wood, galvanized steel or concrete block. In areas where humidity and moisture are an issue, wood is not recommended.
Keep in mind that bar height counters usually range from 40″-42″ in height.
Picking out your stools beforehand also helps, this will ensure you build the counter top to the correct height and won’t restrict your options on seating choices.
Make sure to have qualified pro’s install plumbing and electrical into the island. The exposed bar could pose an issue with moisture and having a professional install these will keep the bar safe for use.
The overhang on the countertop is at least 10-12″ long. This will accommodate someone who is 6′ tall and ensure their knees do not hit the structure. It is not uncommon to have an overhang go as far as 16″ from the structure.
Value-minded solutions for outdoor bars
If your trying to keep costs down for your outdoor bar consider your needs vs. wants. These options also only would require plumbing (sink) and no electrical.

Sink / Bar Center Combos

A bar center and ice is truly your only need in an outdoor bar. Storage space for bottles, ice, and running water. Most are 304 Stainless Steel and double wall insulated to keep ice in.

Built-in Stainless Steel Insulated Ice Bin
These built-in ice bins can also be used in combination with a standard sink for a solution that might be even more cost-effective than a combination bar center.

The Full Outdoor Bar Experience

For those looking for the full outdoor bar experience, we have everything to take your outdoor oasis over the top.

Outdoor Refrigerators

Outdoor refrigerators are extremely convenient for both an outdoor kitchen or outdoor bar. Keep grilling ingredients, condiments, and beverages chilled and close by while entertaining outdoors.
Check out some of our favorite refrigeration brands

Outdoor Kegerators

Kegerators are great options to add to an outdoor bar or kitchen, not only because everyone loves having cold beer on tap. When not in use with a keg, you can still use a kegerator as an outdoor refrigerator.

Outdoor Wine Coolers

Wine drinkers enjoying a cool night on the patio will love the convenience of an outdoor wine cooler. Similar to the kegerator these can also be used as a standard outdoor refrigerator when not stocked with wine.

Outdoor Ice Makers

Have you ever ran out of ice while entertaining guests? Never worry about that with your own outdoor ice machine. We offer ice makers either built-in or freestanding; available in multiple sizes, and different ice types.

Bar Stools

Round out your outdoor bar with comfortable outdoor seating.

Gas Fire Pits

Create the ultimate cozy atmosphere in your outdoor bar with a gas fire pit.
Infrared Patio Heater
Enjoy your outdoor bar year round with some wall-mounted infrared patio heaters to keep everyone warm while enjoying the outdoors.