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10 Must-Have Outdoor Kitchen Features

10 Must-Have Outdoor Kitchen Features

Designing your outdoor kitchen is a dream come true for most people. You are bringing to life your desire to have your closest family and friends, or the whole neighborhood, eating good food while having a great time. We offer free outdoor kitchen design services to help you make your vision a reality. Several features are often forgotten from outdoor kitchens that will truly take it to the next level of convenience and entertainment. Don’t leave out these fantastic outdoor kitchen features from your new space!

1. Fire Pit

No matter where you live, it’s a good idea to include a fire pit or outdoor fireplace in your outdoor kitchen. Whether you only need it a few times a year or rely on its heat more often, it’s a great addition to have for the ambiance, roasting marshmallows, or a quick warm-up after a dip in the pool. 

2. Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is essential during the summer in an outdoor kitchen, but you may not think of it at first. Adding a ceiling fan or portable air cooler will help keep all of your guests comfortable no matter what the hot weather brings. It’s much more convenient than bringing out box fans during every get-together! Our design services can include a ceiling fan in the renderings, so you know exactly what to expect.

3. Refrigeration and Ice Maker 

We’re including any cold space in this third feature. Sure, you might have a fully functioning refrigerator with an ice maker and freezer in your home. Still, an outdoor refrigerator and freezer will forever change your life in your outdoor kitchen. Don’t forget an ice maker too! If you serve many canned or bottled beverages, it’s a good idea to have a beverage cooler ready to go.

4. Storage

With space limited in your outdoor kitchen, this might be the first to go in your design plan, but it’s a must-have, in our opinion. When you have dedicated storage in your outdoor kitchen, it keeps your area clutter-free, more convenient, and more enjoyable too. Our kitchen design team members are experts at making every nook and cranny of your dedicated space usable. Check out more outdoor kitchen ideas to get inspired.

5. Enclosed Pantry

You may not think about adding a pantry to your outdoor kitchen. Indoor kitchens offer beautiful pantry options, so the outdoor kitchens should too! We’re convinced you will spend all your time in your outdoor kitchen, which is why you should include an enclosed pantry to store dry food and snacks.

6. Sink

Think about after a long summer day barbeque with friends, and you have a pile of dirty dishes. You don’t want to carry all of the containers inside to wash, take several trips, and mess up the indoor kitchen. A sink in your outdoor kitchen allows for quick rinses and handwashes throughout the day, plus makes clean-up easier outside. We can help you incorporate the perfect type of sink for your area and plumbing situation.

7. Trash Bin

It may sound obvious, but everything stays cleaner and more organized with the trash bin incorporated into your outdoor kitchen design. It stays out of sight, plus away from bugs and animals. Even if you just use a regular trash can, don’t forget to purchase one for your outdoor kitchen solely!

8. Outdoor Entertainment 

Not everyone forgets about incorporating outdoor entertainment in your outdoor kitchen, because for some people watching the big game is the reason for the outdoor space. Don’t forget about other outdoor entertainment features like speakers. We all want the perfect playlist at an outdoor barbeque, so make it official with premium speakers.

9. Kegerator 

For all of you beer connoisseurs, you need a kegerator in your outdoor kitchen! Essentially it keeps your favorite beers on tap for everyone to enjoy. We have options that include two types of beer on tap. You can also include a wine cooler to keep your favorite wines at the perfect temperature. Include a beverage center to keep canned and bottled beverages chilled too.

10. Additional Cooking Options

The last thing that’s often forgotten in outdoor kitchens is additional cooking options. You may think your outdoor kitchen is all set with just a premium grill. Yes, you absolutely need a built-in premium grill for your outdoor kitchen but think of other ways you like to cook for a crowd. We feature options like a smoker, griddle, pizza oven, and more so that you can truly diversify your outdoor cuisine!

Outdoor kitchens are indeed a product of many years of hard work and investment your family will enjoy for generations. Let’s make sure you include everything you need for a convenient, entertaining, and delicious outdoor kitchen. Start your design process today and keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram.