Why Buying a High-End Grill is Worth It

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Buying a high-end BBQ grill is worth it! Buying a new grill can be an overwhelming experience, whether in a retail store or online. You have many options to choose from with high-end BBQ grills, but the price differences and grill features can often make it hard to differentiate. Grills may differ in price by a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, and it’s essential to understand what you’re paying the extra money for. You might be willing to pay more for the highest quality and most durable grill, but maybe it’s not worth it to pay for additional features that you won’t end up using. So what features should you look for when purchasing a high-end grill?


Higher Quality Interior 

Hestan Aspire 42-Inch Built-In Gas Grill with Infrared Sear Burner and Rotisserie - EMBR42-SS

The grill’s physical appearance will catch your eye first, and you should care about your grill’s appearance! Keep in mind that for most low-end grills, this is the only chance for manufacturers to differentiate from their competition. While it’s important to find a grill that you find visually appealing, the most significant comparisons take place under the hood. One of the best reasons to purchase a high-end grill is the top-quality cooking grids and burners. There are other components to consider, of course, but cooking grids and burners are crucial. Here are some advantages to the different grids and burners.


Cooking grids:

Cast Iron

The cast-iron cooking grids give superior sear marks and typically hold heat better than stainless steel cooking grids. They do have higher maintenance than stainless steel, though, and grates should be seasoned and oiled regularly.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel cooking grids have a low risk of rust issues and are easier to maintain than cast iron. Although their sear marks aren’t quite as good as cast iron, they still give good sear marks.



The other cooking grid you’ll see is porcelain. You should avoid these due to the porcelain wearing off, which leads to rust. Choosing a grill with either a cast iron or stainless steel cooking grid is ideal. 



Stainless Steel

These are the ideal burners and what you’ll find in a high-end grill. Stainless steel burners will never rust, and prolonged exposure to heat/grease will not affect performance. Cast Stainless Steel burners are used in top-of-the-line grills like Fire Magic and a select few other brands. Important Note: Just because a grill is labeled as ‘All Stainless Steel’ doesn’t mean that the grill’s interior is stainless steel. Most low-end grills will have a porcelain-coated interior that can wear off and lead to rust within the first year. 



Iron burners are the other option you will see when purchasing a grill. These should be avoided because there is a higher chance of rust issues. You must clean iron burners regularly to prevent burners from rusting and leaving you with a grill you can’t light. If you’re unsure if the burner is made of iron, bring a magnet with you when shopping for grills. If it sticks to the burners, then it’s made of iron.


Extra Features

For the ultimate grill master, this is a big reason why you want to buy a high-end grill. Who wouldn’t want to have all the bells and whistles on a luxury grill? As you look at the different features available, consider the ones you believe you will get the most use out of. Here are some popular features of our high-end grills.


Rotisserie System

Cook a rotisserie chicken just like you see in the grocery stores. This system uses its own motor, which gives it heavy-duty power to cook some meat.


Infrared Sear Zones

Infrared sear zones heat up faster, cook quicker, and produce better tasting meat. It tastes like you made a restaurant-quality steak at home.


Smoker System

A dedicated smoker system in a high-end grill expands your grilling options. With its own dedicated burner and basket for smoking, you’ll be enjoying a nice smoked dinner in no time.


The Bottom Line

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When looking for a grill, remember to pay close attention to the interior of the grill. A grill may look nice on the outside, but you need to be sure it’s high quality on the inside, where it counts. Depending on cooking preferences, you should be looking for a grill with stainless steel burners and either cast iron or stainless grates. Cast iron grates will give more prominent grill marks than stainless ones but will require more maintenance. Luxury grills also produce many unique features that are worth it if grilling is essential to you.



Recommend Brands For High-End BBQ Grills



 Fire Magic

the Vintage Grills logo Fire Magic grills logo



When buying an outdoor grill, it can sometimes be worth spending the extra money on a higher-end grill. The high-quality stainless steel parts that go into these barbecues can make them last for years longer than their lower-end counterparts. Buying a cheap low-end barbecue could ultimately lead to you spending more money on replacement parts or another entire grill. When instead, you could buy a top-of-the-line stainless steel grill that lasts you for years with minimal issues.


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