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The Recipe For a Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

The Recipe for a Perfect Outdoor Kitchen


A well designed commercial kitchen will be broken down into stations or zones. This is common in kitchen design because it promotes a synchronized flow in the kitchen.

With the correct layout for your outdoor kitchen you should be able to have everything within arms reach, depending on which station you are at in your outdoor kitchen.

Components that should be considered when planning your outdoor kitchen:


    • Where do you want your outdoor kitchen?
    • How many people will you usually be entertaining?
    • Will your outdoor kitchen be undercover or exposed?┬áIf undercover, it may be necessary to install a vent hood.
    • Available utilities in the area you choose e.g. water, gas, elec, etc.
    • Position of the outdoor kitchen vs. house, backyard view, pool, etc.
    • Orientation to sunset
    • Prevailing wind direction, especially important if your home is on the water (avoid positioning grill with backside to wind)
    • Seating should be positioned┬áin an accessible area
    • Material for island construction (insulating jacket required for combustible cabinets)
    • Outdoor refrigeration or food safe cooler to minimize trips in and out

Having all these considerations and questions answered will leave you ready to begin creating the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!