7 Tips for Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

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You can bring the whole kitchen outside with the help of our 7 outdoor kitchen design tips. Cooking outside has a certain appeal that can not be beaten. Grilling up a good burger or some hot dogs is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon. It’s also a great way to bring people together. So why limit your outdoor cooking experience to a grill in the middle of the patio? This article is filled with tips for designing your outdoor kitchen! We can help you build a full entertainment area with your new kitchen at the center of it all. We can keep it simple or build it up with top-of-the-line appliances and outdoor seating. Whatever you imagine, we can bring it to life.  Together, we can create an amazing space to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. We have put together a couple of design tips for you here. 


1 – Brands Matter

Florida is the Sunshine State, but we get a lot of varied weather here. Powerful thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tons of sun wreak havoc on anything outside. This is why it is important to choose sturdy brands. At The Outdoor Appliance Store, we only stock the best quality appliances. But not every model is best suited for your unique situation. For brand comparison, you can google your heart out. Or, you can make it easy on yourself and ask a member of our team. We want to help you pick the best appliance for your needs. We have a deep knowledge of what our products are capable of. 


2 – Keep Size in Mind

You may want a more petite outdoor kitchen to make room for other outdoor activities. In this case, be sure to pick smaller appliances. The larger the appliance, the more room it takes up. This may seem like common sense, but it is a hot tip. Often, people think more about the quality or appearance of the appliance.  Also, keep in mind that smaller does not always equal weaker. We have many smaller-sized appliances that pack a real punch. Our Alfresco Built-in Counter Top Refrigerator is a great product for saving space in a smaller design. It is perfect for quick access to a few cold drinks while grilling. You can also use it to store pre-cut burger toppings until you are ready to serve!


3 – Don’t Forget About Flooring

Flooring is easy to forget when talking about outdoor kitchens. But it is not something you should overlook! For a full, outdoor kitchen, you will not be leaving the grass as is. You need something below your cook space. Again, durability is important here. You want flooring that will stand up to the weather as well as grease and gas stains. Common outdoor floor materials are brick, concrete, and natural stone. Concrete and natural stone tend to be better for durability in an outdoor kitchen. All three materials are porous. That means that they allow some liquids to pass through. You may want to seal your outdoor flooring to prevent serious stains. Grease that gets into outdoor pavers usually needs pressure washing for removal. 


4 – Choose Your Location Wisely 

Outdoor cooking creates smoke. For this reason, it is best to keep your kitchen a little further away from your home. This way, you avoid smoke stains on the outside walls of your home. You also avoid smoke entering your home. If you do not have the room to put some distance between your kitchen and your home, no problem. Just make sure to choose a well-ventilated area. A strong cross breeze across your outdoor kitchen is ideal. But you can also create the ventilation you need with an outdoor vent hoodYou should also think about the time of day you will use your outdoor kitchen most. For afternoon sun, place your kitchen on the west. Morning sun? Place your kitchen on the east. Got constant sun all day? Then, look towards the south. Finally, for the least amount of sun exposure, build your kitchen north-facing. 


covered outdoor kitchen with a small footprint 5 – Don’t Forget Storage and Counter Space 

Just like your indoor kitchen, you will want a place outside to set things down. Storage is also important in any kitchen. Think about the kind of meals you plan to prepare outside. Will you be serving a large crowd? Will you need a buffet area? What kind of storage will you need, and where do you want it? What kinds of things are you storing?  Everyone organizes and uses kitchen space differently. That is why it is important to consider every storage need during the design phase. The Outdoor Appliance Store offers many storage options, including a built-in paper towel holder and roll-out trash can center.


6 – Remember Mood and Aesthetic 

Remember to design a kitchen you like looking at. You also have to like being in your kitchen. You should feel comfortable and at home in your outdoor kitchen. Find a way to make the outdoors feel like home. An easy way to do this is to add some outdoor furniture, lighting, or a patio heater. You want your outdoor kitchen to be a place where you and your guests can relax.


7 – Covered or Uncovered? 

There are several months throughout the year when Florida rains come without warning. This is a good reason to decide if you want to build a cover over your kitchen.  Covered patios sometimes need vent hoods, though. Make sure you keep proper ventilation in mind when covering your outdoor kitchen. 


Seven tips not enough? Give our experienced team a call at (844) 234-7714 to get answers to all your questions. The Outdoor Appliance Store is here for all your outdoor kitchen needs! We are available by email, live chat, and phone.  Find The Outdoor Appliance Store on Facebook,Instagram, and LinkedIn for more tips on enhancing your outdoor kitchen.

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