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Electric Grills

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Condo & HOA Friendly Electric Grills

Many people (especially in Florida, where we are located) live in condominium or apartment complexes that do not allow gas or charcoal grills on the property. Why miss out on grilling fantastic food just because you live in a condo? Often, electric grills are allowed on these properties. However, there weren’t many options when it came to electric grills. Luckily, grill tech has improved dramatically in the past few years. Many of these grills can now preheat to 500 degrees in less than six minutes and come with many different setting options. They are also available as built-in and stand-alone cart grills just like our gas grills. Finally, there are viable electric options for the consumer who wants a great grilling experience without needing access to an outdoor gas or charcoal grill.

Browse through our options below to find your new outdoor electric grill. We know you’ll discover a product you absolutely love!

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