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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas To Get You Inspired

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas To Get You Inspired

In Florida, we have the great privilege of outdoor living year-round. For many people, that means not just taking their patio furniture outside, but making an entire outdoor kitchen and living space for all their friends and family to enjoy. With many Florida homes having a backyard pool, it makes sense to take the cooking and dining outside too. If you’re looking for outdoor kitchen ideas, keep reading to get your wheels turning for the most beautiful outdoor kitchen.

There are several ways to go about designing your outdoor kitchen. It ultimately comes down to what you want in the space and your desired outdoor kitchen location. If you’re looking for extra inspiration and guidance, we offer free design services for your outdoor kitchen. Let’s look at a few scenarios of outdoor kitchen ideas that can give you some inspiration for your own space.

Outdoor Kitchen For Small Spaces

Don’t throw out the possibility of an outdoor kitchen just because you have a small space! Choosing the right size appliances and maximizing your area can lead to a top-of-the-line outdoor kitchen. The top brands in outdoor appliances have evolved to engineering smaller-sized appliances that still provide excellent quality. For example, the Alfresco 30” built-in gas grill gives you all the premium grilling results you expect in a smaller space.

Here’s a look at a small outdoor kitchen space we designed and how it looks now. In this space, the homeowner included a built-in grill, vent hood, sink, refrigeration, and cabinet storage. Not to mention it has a stunning design! 

Outdoor Kitchen With Serving Zones

We’ve talked about the importance of countertop space areas for every outdoor kitchen. You can always have more countertops for serving and entertaining if your space allows. If an extended serving zone is important to you, we can achieve this in several ways. You can have a peninsula, island, or bar top to entertain, visit, and serve your guests while cooking outside. 

This outdoor kitchen features a peninsula countertop for serving, plus all the outdoor kitchen essentials. We are so pleased with how this outdoor kitchen went from design to the finished product.

Chef’s Outdoor Kitchen

For the true master chef, we have all the perfect ideas and inspiration to make your outdoor kitchen dreams come true. This type of outdoor kitchen will rely heavily on appliances. We don’t just offer grills; we have all the outdoor kitchen components like refrigeration, sinks, beverage centers, pizza ovens, burners, griddles, storage, and more. You’ll find many of those appliances in this beautiful outdoor kitchen, built for a chef.

You can cook virtually anything in this outdoor kitchen. It also comes full of outdoor kitchen ideas to make your space exactly what you want. Imagine the variety of cuisine you can cook for your guests on a daily basis!

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

All of these outdoor kitchen ideas are great, but what if you want it all?! Friends, if you have the dedicated space and the budget, you can build yourself a beautiful, luxury outdoor kitchen. You can ultimately bring the indoor kitchen concept outside with premium features. For a project this big, you’ll need an expert team to help you design, measure, and select appliances. 

Here’s a look at one of our most luxurious outdoor kitchen designs. You truly have everything in this outdoor kitchen. It has all the storage to make for a simple transition to outdoor living. This outdoor kitchen also features a built-in grill, side burner, sink, and refrigeration. The large area for the outdoor kitchen allowed for a large island too, perfect for serving and entertaining. Don’t forget the priceless view! Don’t be afraid to go big with your outdoor kitchen in Florida because the opportunities are endless.


We hope this gives you all the inspiration and ideas you need to start the process of your outdoor kitchen. If starting with a blank slate overwhelms you, these outdoor kitchen ideas will help you narrow down what your outdoor space can handle and what’s important to you. Now that you have the ideas in place, it’s time to start the research step. Let our team know exactly what you want in your outdoor kitchen, and we will get back to you with options. From there, your outdoor kitchen dreams will start to come to reality, and before you know it, you will be hosting a crowd of friends and family to celebrate your new outdoor kitchen space.

We’ve got even more tips and ideas for outdoor kitchens to help you through every step of design, planning, execution, and care of your outdoor kitchen. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see more outdoor kitchen and appliance inspiration. It’s time to start cooking outside and enjoying the beautiful Florida life.