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If you’re a sports fan, you’re always looking for new and better ways to watch your favorite team in action. You may have added a new couch or easy chair to your living room, and along with your wet bar, you have everything you need for every game. However, have you thought about how you could take the comfort of your living room or entertainment area outside and watch the game on your deck or patio? At The Outdoor Appliance Store, we have outdoor TVs and other accessories that can extend your game-watching activities beyond your back door. Check out our guide to creating an outdoor entertainment hub!

The Big Screen You’ve Always Wanted

a man installing an outdoor tv

You may have always wanted a big screen for your home theater area, but your living room may not allow for anything larger than 32 to 40 inches. Your home may also be designed where a big-screen TV would look out of place. By putting a TV outdoors, you can get the 55- to 65-inch screen you’ve always wanted and not have to worry about taking up too much wall space! Our selection of SunBrite TVs includes water-resistant, durable appliances that can withstand wind and weather. You’ll obviously only be out there when the weather is cooperative, but you’ll love having the peace of mind that your TV is protected. Each television comes with a detachable speaker module, a dust cover, and a weatherproof remote control.

Food and Beverage

fully cooked brats on a grill

You’ll most likely pair your game-watching time with grilling, and there’s nothing better while you’re cooking delicious food or watching your team secure the win than a cold beverage. An outdoor refrigerator can transform your deck or patio into the perfect space, and soda, beer, and other drinks will never be far away. If you’re designing a complete outdoor kitchen, be sure to look through our inventory of fridges, kegerators, wine coolers, and more.

Outdoor Seating

the Monte Carlo gas fire pit table lit with crystal glass

Your outdoor seating probably isn’t as comfortable as your living room sofa, but if you’re going to be watching the playoffs outside, you’ll want to be sure your seating is as comfy as can be. We have a number of chair and bench options, as well as tables where you can set your food and drink so it doesn’t spill while you celebrate the winning touchdown. If you’re integrating a bar into your outdoor space, we have barstools and chairs that are perfect for seating.

Inviting People Over

a large group of friends over for a backyard gathering

Once you’ve installed your outdoor TV, stocked your new refrigerator, and set up the seating arrangement, you can invite friends and family over for the next game. You may have had to limit the number of people who came to watch the game when you were confined to the inside of the house. But now that you’ve brought the entertainment area outside, you can invite more people! Not only that but everyone will be able to see the screen. Additionally, people can get up and move around without disturbing everyone else.


close up of the Alfresco ALXE handles

It’s Time To Get Grilling!

Add the Alfresco, ALXE 30″ Freestanding Gas Grill With Rotisserie to any outdoor space and you’ll love whipping up heavenly yet healthy options all year-round!

  • *Comes fully assembled*
  • Integrated rotisserie system with built-in motor and 15,000 BTU infrared burner
  • Smoker system with 5,000 BTU dedicated burner and drawer for wood chunks
  • 542 sq. in. actual grilling area
  • 3-position warming rack stores up out of the way when rotisseriing
  • Dual integrated high-intensity halogen work lights
  • User-friendly push-button ignition with sealed 110v AC power source
  • Two 18-SR (scaling and corrosion resistant) stainless steel main burners producing 55,000 BTUs
  • 10 Color Options – Call to Inquire

Pizza Ovens For Outdoor Living

HESTAN PIZZA OVEN with orange accent colors

Hestan 33″ Campania Pizza Oven

Hestan Campania Pizza Oven™ turns any backyard into a slice of heaven. Its heavy-duty ceramic hearth stone creates a charred artisan crust, while the unique dome shape traps and recirculates heat for an efficient, even cook. The oven is even perfect for searing steaks and roasting vegetables. Its stainless steel exterior is built to withstand the outdoor elements, while the greaseless interior is easy to clean. Available in twelve signature colors. Stainless steel pizza peel included.


Lynx Napoli Pizza Oven

This countertop or built-in natural gas pizza oven is the next great thing to complement your outdoor kitchen. With the capacity to bake an 18-inch pie, the inside hosts a specially formulated concrete heat-retaining dome and 400 square inch cooking surface which is perfect for the high heat demanded.


Fire Magic 30-Inch Built-in Pizza Oven

You can take your pizza outside with Fire Magic’s new built-in pizza oven. Not just pizza, but also steak, bread, cookies, and other things. Glazed ceramic door with a window watch your cooking as it develops without opening the door, which would let heat out. A stainless steel grade of 304Construction made of indestructible stainless steel is strong and durable. Back-Lighted Knobs and Fully lit, comfort touch safety control knobs are featured on lines that are seamless and have polished highlights.

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