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Upgrade Your Grilling Experience

Upgrade Your Grilling Experience

If you love to grill during the summer, or you’re lucky enough to live in a climate where you can cook outside all year long, you don’t want to settle for a small grill that can only cook a limited amount of food at one time. You want an expansive grill where you can cook meat, vegetables, and more so that everything is ready at the same time. At The Outdoor Appliance Store, our inventory of barbecue grills can provide you with that upgraded grilling experience you’ve been dreaming of.


We Carry Several Leading Grill Brands

Most people, when they look for a new grill, go by a brand name. They’ve either owned a certain brand name barbecue before, or they’ve heard from friends and family about what brand is best. That judgement is of course up to the individual, but if you have a brand in mind, chances are you’ll find it in our store.

We carry options from Twin Eagles, Blaze, Fire Magic, and many more, and each brand offers unique features that can make your outdoor cooking complete. If you’re someone who prefers to cook with pellets instead of propane, we have a fantastic selection of Memphis grills that will meet your needs. We also have charcoal grills for those who want to get a blaze going before they put their food on the grate.

Define Your Grilling Space

The main reason people upgrade their grill is to better define their outdoor space and make it more comfortable and inviting. The scent of food cooking on the grill is often enough to entice any person to come and investigate, and a grill that’s built into a new outdoor kitchen or barbecue area can provide even more appeal.

Your current grill may be on wheels, meaning you can move it where you want it, but you also have to move it out of the way when you’re not using it or when you want to store it for the winter. A dedicated grilling area with countertops next to it and a refrigerator close by will allow you to store food and prepare meals easily. Guests will come into your backyard and see that you’re serious about cooking a gourmet meal and serving it to them in style.

Shop Online

No matter what type of outdoor grill you want – gas, electric, charcoal, wood-fired, or pellet – you can find it in our online store. We’re always happy to answer questions about a certain product, and provide recommendations based on your design parameters and personal specifications.

Even the smallest backyard can be transformed with a new grilling area, and you’ll love spending time out there whenever you can. We have a great selection of grills, burners, pizza ovens, and more. You can add whatever features you’d like, and every time the family wants to eat outside or you have people over for a party, you can cook all the food at once and keep everyone full and happy.