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Which Fire Pit is Right For You

Which Fire Pit is Right for You 

Fire pits are a safe and beautiful way to enjoy a bonfire on a chilly winter night. They are a stunning addition to any outdoor space. Something about sitting around a fire pit makes everyone feel a little bit more at home. Are you thinking about investing in a fire pit? There are some things you should consider before making your purchase
There are an enormous amount of choices when it comes to fire pits. You can take the fast route by digging into the ground and just throwing some logs in. But that leaves you with an ugly hole in the ground. This method is also not contained and potentially dangerous. 
The Outdoor Appliance Store offers a large variety of unique fire pits sure to wow any guest. All you need to do is pick one! 

Things to Remember When Fire Pit Shopping 

But before you point and choose, we want to help you pick the best fire pit for you. Think about how much space you have. There is also the matter of fire size and heat emission to consider. Do you want a small fire to sit around and enjoy? Or do you want a large fire to warm up even the chilliest of nights? Or, do you want the fire completely contained? We offer outdoor linear gas fireplaces for a fully contained burn
Perhaps most important to consider is permanence. Fire pits are large and often a permanent addition to a backyard. Do you plan on enjoying this space for a long time? Or do you think you may be leaving this space soon? Smaller, portable options exist for a great temporary solution. We also have a selection of gas torches with electronic ignition.  
No matter what your personal fire pit needs are, we can meet them. We have a fire pit for everyone. In this blog, we help break down some of the finer differences between the fire pits we offer. We hope that this blog helps you make a confident decision when choosing a fire pit. 

Different Types of Fire Pits

Like grills, there are different types of fire pits. There are gas and wood-burning fire pits. Like anything in life, there are pros and cons to each type. At the Outdoor Appliance Store, we currently offer gas burning fire pits. 

Gas Burning

Most of the fire pits we offer are gas burning. They burn either propane or natural gas. This type of fire pit is cleaner for the environment. It also creates the least amount of smoke. Depending on where you are placing your fire pit, less smoke is a must in a closed-in space, like a patio, smoke stains. Smoke stains are also possible if the placement of your fire pit is too close to your house. 
Gas burning fire pits are easy to maintain and light. Most come with button ignition. There is also no ash mess to clean up afterward. 

Wood Burning

Wood burning fire pits smell amazing. They have that nostalgic fire smell that makes you crave s’mores. But they can be messy. And too much smoke is always a worry. Wood burning pits create ash that needs cleaning later. You also have to extinguish the flame manually
With wood burning fire pits, you obviously need wood to burn. Firewood is available at most grocery or home improvement stores. You can also chop your own, but make sure it is fully dry. Wet wood will not burn, only smoke. 

Different Brands

It is important to consider the brand when purchasing a fire pit. Different brands specialize in different types of fire pits. Different brands also use very different design styles. 
Below, we have taken the time to compare some of the top brands available for purchase. We support top quality brands that use quality products and processes. The Outdoor Appliance Store only carries brands we trust. We support seven fire pit brands. Today, we are going to look at three of our brands. They are Fire Pit Art, American Fyre Design, and Napoleon Grills. All these companies have amazing products to share with you. Each company brings something new to the art of the fire pit. 

Fire Pit Art

Fire Pit Art is a Tennessee based company. Their products are each a piece of metallic art. They have clever designs like Third Rock, which is a globe. The flames flicker through each continent.  You need little to no maintenance when you buy a Fire Pit Art fire pit. This is thanks to their genius design and creation process. All their fire pits have a rain drain in the bottom. This allows for that all too common Florida surprise shower to trickle on through. This foresight of design helps prevent rust issues on the metal frame. 
Their patented patina process prevents rust even further. These fire pits do darken with time. But that is proof that the patina process is working. The process protects the metal for long-term outdoor use. 
Their designs are on the larger side. We recommend them for permanent placement when possible. These designs are perfect for large areas and groups. Their designs are often open and create large flames. 

American Fyre Designs 

American Fyre Designs creates conversation starters. Their products bring light to the dimmest backyards. Their Fire Urn makes you feel like you are lighting the Olympic Flame
Their designs are more portable and fit well into smaller spaces. They are perfect for cozy patios. All designs are a match or lighter lit and burn gas. They have a 60,000 BTU rating. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. The higher the BTU, the more intense the heat emission is. American Fyre Designs have a mid-level BTU. This means they emit a mild heat with a bright flame. 

Napoleon Grills 

Napoleon Grills creates fire tables and outdoor gas fireplaces. Their designs are the ones you want if your space is smaller. You can even build into a wall with their linear fireplaces. Their beautiful fire tables over a conversation space around a fire. Place it next to some warm outdoor seating, and you have the perfect evening waiting for you. 
Napoleon Grills fire tables and fireplaces have varying BTU specs. They range from 40,000 to 60,000. In general, fire tables have a higher BTU rating than the outdoor fireplaces. Their fire tables also have drainage holes to prevent rust. They also come with an optional windscreen. Do not let a windy night ruin your fire! 
Fire pits offer a chance to add a literal spark to your yard. Spice up any sunset with a glowing fire as you sip hot chocolate. Want a fireside snack? Enhance your fire pit experience by adding a little smoked flavor. Check out our recipe center for some delicious grill dishes
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