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Gas Fire Pit FAQ’s

Gas Fire Pit FAQ’s


What if I smell gas coming from my gas fire pit?

First thing first, turn off gas for the appliance and make sure appliance is off! Don’t light anything near the fire pit. Call your local gas tech or supplier, if you still smell a strong gas smell and you’re unable to get a hold of your tech. Be safe and call your local fire department.


Can you burn wood in a gas fire pit?

No, one of the reasons being that some bowls or pans are not designed to have the heat of the wood directly on it, causing damages. Not to mention the that wood burning brings with the ash and wood that will be clogging up pores on the burners.


How long will a 20lb tank of propane last?

It all depends on how much you use your tank and how big your fire pit is, For an average fire pit you can last anywhere from 8-10 hours on a moderate output of heat. If you have your fire pit going at full blast average will be 4 hours of use.


Can I convert liquid propane to Natural Gas?

It depends on the brand of your fire, some allow the conversion and some don’t. Best thing to do is check your owners manual for verification and reach out to a locally licensed gas technician.


Can I have a gas fire pit under a lanai?

Every county has a local building code that must be followed. To best figure out where you can place your fire pit, contact a local licensed contractor.

How much fire glass is needed for my Fire pit?

Curious on how to know how much media to put in a fire pit, follow this formula to calculate how much you need to buy.

  • For a circle,  you will need to know your diameter(A) and the depth of the pan(D)

A x A = B; Divide (B) by 25 = C ; Multiply (C)  by (D) = pounds needed.

For example 36 inch pit with a depth of 3 inches:

36*36= 1296 ; 1296/ 25 = 51 ; 51*3 = 155 lbs of media

  • For a square, you need the Length x Width = B

Then divide B by 22.5 = C

Multiply C by Depth = total pounds needed

For example a  5×5 fire pit with a depth of 3 inches

5 x 5 = 25

25/22.5 =1.1


So a little over 3.3 pounds of fire glass will be needed.

What kind of burner do I need?

It all depends on your project, there are plenty of burners that are available for all shapes and sizes of fire pits. To get a more in-depth information check out our Gas Fire Pit Burners overview to help you choose the right burner for your project.

What should I know before shopping for a fire pit?

Fire pit key features to keep in mind:

  • Fire Burner Pit
  • Burner Type
  • Ignition System

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