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September 13, 2018

Infrared Grill Buying Guide

Infrared Grill Buying Guide

What is an Infrared Grill?

“Infrared cooking systems heat the food directly and not the air around it”

While standard burners in gas grills heat the air up around the food in a convection effect to cook food, which can lead to your food ending up dried out. Infrared burners don’t disturb the moisture barrier between the food your cooking and the grill, resulting in a much better retention of your foods natural juices.

While this may sound like the most superior cooking system hands down. You want to keep in mind that while grilling you’re not going to be searing everything you put on the grill. With this in mind, if your set on an infrared cooking system in your grill we recommend a combination of infrared burner and standard burners. This will give you maximum versatility when cooking on your grill.

Benefits of an Infrared Burner

      • Preheats Quickly and Cooks Faster Infrared burners take about 3-5 minutes to reach temperature on high. Infrared burners heat the food directly and not the air around it. This results in food cooking faster and retaining moisture better compared to standard burners when searing.
      • Superior Heat Distribution Again since infrared burners heat the food directly and not the surrounding air, they do a better job of evenly cooking the food on the grill.
      • Steakhouse Quality Sear Marks The high heat the infrared burners produce, result in restaurant-quality sear marks on whatever food you may be searing, especially steaks.
      • Fuel Efficient Infrared burners use less fuel to reach the same temperature as a standard burner. Since they cook food faster as well you get the double advantage of faster pre-heating and faster cooking which overall reduces the amount of fuel used compared to a standard grill burner.
      • Minimal Flare-ups and Easy to Clean The high heat of these burners will burn off any grease, oil, or fat that happens to drip down onto the burner minimizing flare-ups. When done cooking, turn the burner up to high to burn off any food particles that may have fallen through the grates and turn them to ash.

Our Infrared Grill Recommendation

While there are some full infrared grills on the market that might not be a bad buy for a grill necessarily, we recommend going with a hybrid system of both infrared and standard burners on your grill. This is the most versatile set-up you can have for your grill giving you the ability to cook low and slow on a normal burner or sear foods at high temperatures on your infrared burner.

Almost all grill brands that we carry have the option to either upgrade to one infrared sear burner on the grill or to purchase the infrared burner separately and replace one of the standard burners.

Another very popular option is a side searing station, whether it’s mounted on the side of the grill cart or built-in directly next to your grill in an outdoor kitchen island.

Want to know if the grill you’re looking at has an available infrared upgrade? Give us a call: 844-305-0125 or reach out on our live chat.


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