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How to Replace a Stock Burner with an Infrared Sear Burner

How To replace A Stock Burner With An Infrared Sear Burner


1. To change your conventional burner with an infrared rear burner, start by taking out the far left cooking grate, flame tamer, and heat zone divider. Once these components are out of the grill, you can remove the standard burner.

2. To do this, start by removing the metal fastener that keeps the burner in place. Usually, you can remove this with your fingers but you may need to use a pair of needle nose pliers. Once you have the metal fastener removed, the burner will come out easily.

3. The next step is to remove the crossover bar. You will need a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screw that holds the bar in place.

4. Once you have removed this, the infrared burner slides easily in place. The crossover bar and flame tamer will no longer be needed while using the infrared burner. Simply place the heat zone divider and cooking grate back in the grill and you’re ready for searing!

An infrared burner provides more intense heat compared to a standard burner and will reach searing temperatures much quicker. The great thing about having the infrared burner on your Blaze grill is that it gives you the versatility to sear foods on the infrared burner while grilling vegetables or fish on med-low temperatures at the same time.