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How Do Pellet Grills Work?

How Do Pellet Grills Work?

There are a number of grills on the market these days, and while you may have grown up with a traditional charcoal or propane grill, there are many benefits to other options, such as a pellet grill. Depending on what you want to cook and how you want to cook it, a pellet grill can be a great choice. At The Outdoor Appliance Store, we have a number of pellet options from Memphis Grills, and in the blog, we’ll look at how these appliances work.



1. Wood Pellets are Poured into the Hopper

The first step to getting your grill going is to pour natural wood pellets into the hopper. Once it’s full, the pellets are dispensed into the cooking chamber.

2. Set the Temperature

Depending on what you’re cooking, you’ll want to set the appropriate temperature. Memphis Grills have an “Intelligent Temperature Control” that has a range of 180 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Charcoal and propane grills can fluctuate quite a bit in temperature, but a pellet grill temp is easier to maintain, much like the oven in your house!

3. Air is Pulled Through the Intake Fans

Your grill, depending on the model you choose, will have one or two intake fans that pull air in from outside. This air is then pressurized and heated, causing the wood pellets to combust and begin producing flame and smoke.

4. Air Circulates As You Cook

Once you have hot air and flame in the cooking chamber, you can begin grilling or baking (depending on what you’re making for dinner). The air will continuously circulate throughout the chamber, keeping the temperature constant and cooking the food evenly. You can use your pellet grill as a convection oven or smoker as well, so if you’re making a wood-fired pizza, it will come out perfect! You can also check the internal temperature of your food with the integrated probe.

5. Choosing Your Pellet Flavor

There are many different types of natural wood pellets, and Memphis manufactures some outstanding options with hints of cherry, maple, and other delicious flavors. You may want your beef or chicken to have a hint of hickory, and pellets are often the best way to achieve that. It can be challenging to find an exact type of cut wood or other fuel to enhance the flavor of your cooking, and the pellets do all the work for you!

A quality pellet grill can transform how you cook in your backyard, and at The Outdoor Appliance Store, we love helping people find the perfect options. Every Memphis grill we carry is made in the United States, and we can suggest the best product based on your specific needs. If you’re building an outdoor kitchen and want to integrate a grill into the design, we’ll propose the ideal choice. Our goal is to pair you with a grilling solution that you’ll love using for years to come, and that will produce great-tasting food every time you fire it up.

If you have questions about pellet grills or you want to know more about a specific product that we carry, contact us today!