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Pellet Grills and Their Newfound Popularity

Pellet Grills and Their New Found Property

Imagine throwing a bunch of chicken wings on the grill and walking away for an hour. On most grills you would have a burnt up mess, but on a pellet grill, you would have mouthwatering perfect wings. One touch temperature controls maintain perfect temperature by feeding natural wood pellets as needed, some pellet grills even have WiFi capable temperature controls that can be set remotely from a smartphone.

Outdoor pellet grills are one of the latest new hot trends in the grilling industry, according the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association (HPBA). The natural wood pellets are automatically ignited after they are fed with an auger into a burn chamber that is usually located on the side or on the back of the grill. The convection system uses fans to fuel the fire with oxygen and to distribute heat evenly throughout the grill

The pellets used as the fuel source in these grills are made up of compressed hardwood sawdust. The pellets burn evenly and do not produce a large amount of ash. They also are available in numerous flavors and can be combined to create flavors custom-tailored to specific tastes.

Pellet grills are rising in popularity for a number of reasons. Versatility and ease of use are definitely a big reason people are giving these types of grills a shot; you can cook anything from ribs to baking dessert in a pellet grill. These grills deliver the very essence of “set it and forget it” cooking. Especially models such as the Memphis Pro series or Green Mountain Smokers that allow you to adjust temperatures remotely via smartphone. Since the pellets are burned in a highly controlled fashion you also don’t have to worry about over-smoking your food. Additionally, because of the fan systems in these grills you can load them up knowing that everything on the grill will be cooked evenly.

The prices of these grills can range from around $339 for the smallest Green Mountain Smoker to thousands of dollars for a top of the line Memphis pellet grill.