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You’ll Love A Lion Grill

a built in Lion Premium grill with stone base and dark countertop.
When you see many premium grill brands on the market, they can start to run together. One BBQ grill brand that always stands out in our minds is Lion Premium Grills. This brand of BBQ grills and outdoor kitchen products has exceptional quality and performance, plus a large variety of options that can fit into your budget. Let’s get specific, though, and dive into the reasons why you’ll love a Lion Grill!

Choose From Freestanding and Built-In BBQ Grills 

Lion grill close up shot

You have options with Lion Grills, and one of those is choosing between their selection of freestanding and built-in BBQ grills. If your backyard doesn’t have a full outdoor kitchen, you can still enjoy a Lion Premium Grill on a freestanding cart! Lion offers a 32-inch and a 40-inch freestanding gas grill. You still get all of the incredible features the Lion built-in grills provide, but more flexibility on a freestanding cart. 

For built-in grills, Lion offers the L60000 32-inchL75000 32-inch, and L90000 40-inch built-in gas grill. Any of these premium built-in gas grills will set the perfect foundation for your outdoor kitchen. Lion also produces outdoor kitchen islands that perfectly fit your Lion built-in grill. The benefit of a built-in Lion grill is the opportunity to use this grill with other Lion outdoor kitchen products in a beautifully designed space.

So whether you’re designing your new outdoor kitchen or just looking to upgrade your backyard BBQ grill, you can experience the highest premium quality with a Lion grill. As you’ll see more below, choosing a freestanding or built-in Lion grill is just the start. Many other options are available to make a Lion grill truly your own.

Tough & Durable Construction

the LION premium grill logo

One thing everyone loves about Lion Premium Grills is their durability. Each stainless steel product is built with commercial-grade 304 stainless steel construction. Additionally, Lion grills feature double-lined hoods to give extra durability where you need it most. This high-quality steel ensures your Lion grill will last a lifetime. 

Even with this solid construction, Lion grills also come with a lifetime warranty. This lifetime warranty covers all cast stainless burners, stainless steel framing and housing, and stainless steel cooking grids. Not all premium grill brands offer a lifetime warranty, so this makes Lion grills extra special!

Built for the Beginner & Expert

If you’re new to premium grills, learning the advanced grilling features may feel intimidating. With Lion grills, you’ll be confident the first time you fire up the grill because this brand builds BBQ grills with both grilling beginners and experts in mind. The control panel on these grills is user-friendly and easy to operate. You won’t spend hours reading the manual to learn how to use this grill! In addition, Lion grills heat up quickly and feature a temperature gauge on the hood that makes it simple to manage the grill temperature.

Affordable Premium Grills

LION grill installed in an outdoor kitchen


When you hear “premium grill,” do you see dollar signs?! Truthfully, there are premium grill brands with high price tags, but Lion has positioned itself as an affordable premium grill company. For budget-friendly cooks out there, this is probably what you’ll love most about a Lion grill. So if you’re looking for a quality and affordable BBQ grill, but want to avoid the big box stores, then Lion Premium Grills is what you need!

Lion offers several upgrades and accessories detailed below, but they also have quite a few premium features standard in every grill. The most exciting feature that every grill chef will enjoy is the Gourmet Package. This package comes with each Lion grill and includes a rotisserie, cover, smoker box, griddle, and griddle remover with bottle opener. Think of all the delicious food you can cook on your beautiful Lion grill with these accessories!

Extensive Product Line Available

a Lion Premium grill kitchen package

Lion doesn’t just produce top-quality BBQ grills. This brand has a full line of outdoor kitchen products and grill accessories to take your grilling experience to the next level. Some grill accessories we love are the charcoal traysearing burner, and ceramic flame tamer. These upgrades give you more versatility with your Lion grill, and you will taste the difference. 

If you’re building a new outdoor kitchen, you should include Lion’s outdoor kitchen products. In addition to the outdoor kitchen islands, other Lion outdoor kitchen products worth noting are the access door and drawer combosinkrefrigerator, and double side burner. We feature all of the Lion outdoor kitchen products you need for a standard outdoor kitchen in one place (for both the 32-inch and 40-inch grills), so you can spend less time searching and more time building your dream space!

There’s so much to love in a Lion grill! You can view all of the Lion grills and outdoor kitchen products we offer at The Outdoor Appliance Store here. If you have any questions about Lion grills or want to talk with a grill expert, contact us by phone, email, or chat. Grilling season is here, and there’s still time to experience the incredible features of a premium Lion grill this season!


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