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Why Choose A Vintage Grill

Why Choose A Vintage Grill

Why Choose a Vintage Grill

When you purchase a premium grill for your outdoor kitchen, you have several options to choose from. Each gas grill has something to offer, but there’s one particular brand of bbq gas grills that is special for many reasons. Vintage grills are the perfect blend of unique and modern and produce some of the best quality food you can cook at home. Here is why you should choose a Vintage grill for your outdoor kitchen and a spotlight on a popular Vintage gas grill!


Benefits & Features of Vintage Grills

In the competitive market of premium grills, each brand has to include the best high-quality features and convenient benefits. Vintage Grills does just that by equipping each grill with advanced technology wrapped in a classic design. As a result, no matter how or what you like to grill, a Vintage Grill will have precisely what you need. So, what makes Vintage Grills special?


Vintage grills offer an impressive sear zone with a 100% ceramic burner. This sear zone reaches 1500 degrees, giving you restaurant-quality sear marks every time. But, of course, that’s not the only thing that heats up either! The main burners on the Vintage grills are stainless steel and produce 27,500 BTUs each. There’s also a 7000 BTU integrated smoker in Vintage grills, giving you the ultimate flexibility to cook how you want.


There are different size options and gas options with Vintage grills. Vintage grills feature grills with either natural gas or propane. This way, you can choose a Vintage grill without worrying if it will work with your outdoor kitchen setup. In addition, you’ll find Vintage grills from 30-inches to 56-inches! So whether you are grilling for your family or the whole neighborhood, you can experience the incredible quality of a Vintage grill.

Vintage is all about providing the whole package to their customers. So when you’re creating your dream outdoor kitchen, it’s not enough just to have a built-in grill. Other components and accessories to include with your Vintage gas grill give you more convenience and flexibility. Vintage accessories include insulated jackets, access doors, burners, and other outdoor kitchen island accessories. 


One of the most essential features of Vintage grills is their warranty. Vintage offers a limited lifetime warranty on specific parts and other limited warranties on parts, grills, and accessories. You can find more information regarding warranties with your specific Vintage grill. No matter what, you should rest assured your Vintage grill is made with high quality and has an extra layer of protection with these warranties.


In Stock & Ready to Ship: Vintage 30-inch Professional Gold Built-In Grill

One of the popular Vintage grills available to ship NOW from The Outdoor Appliance Store is the Vintage 30-inch Professional Gold Built-In Grill. We have this grill available in natural gas and propane. This grill is special because it features two 27,500 BTU burners and an additional 12,500 BTU infrared rotisserie burner. It also has a push-button electronic ignition and integrated hood thermometer, making it extra convenient to fire up your grill and maintain the right temperature for your food. In addition, the heavy-duty and high-quality construction of this Vintage grill makes it a long-lasting choice for your outdoor kitchen.


The best part about this Vintage grill is that it’s in stock and ready to ship! We also have accessories for this grill in stock, including the insulated jacket and access doors. These features give more convenience and help you achieve the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!


The Vintage 30-inch Professional Gold Built-In Grill isn’t the only Vintage grill we offer at The Outdoor Appliance Store. Contact us for availability on other Vintage grills in our inventory. Our passion is to help you create an outdoor living and cooking space you will be proud of for years to come.


Vintage provides a high level of luxury, quality, and modern features to your BBQ grill that produces restaurant-level results every time. The Outdoor Appliance Store is your team of experts for everything related to BBQ grills and outdoor kitchens. A quality gas grill is just the start of a beautiful outdoor kitchen. We provide free design services for your outdoor kitchen so you can begin to see your dream come to life! A Vintage grill is a perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen, and the Vintage grill accessories make your grill and outdoor kitchen more versatile.


Contact us today to find out more about our Vintage grill and accessory inventory. You can also view our Vintage grills online. If this is your year to upgrade your outdoor cooking, The Outdoor Appliance Store is here to help you make that outdoor kitchen dream a reality with a premium Vintage grill.


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