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Twin Eagles C-Series Grill Review

Twin Eagles C-Series BBQ Grills

Twin Eagles Inc. takes pride in being a US company that produces high-quality grills and outdoor equipment out of California. They are engineered for performance and style, with the customer in mind in order to create an outdoor kitchen that is everything you want it to be. All of their products are made and designed to match each other with sleek high quality 304 grade stainless steel construction. Sizes for the Twin Eagles C-Series BBQ grills start off with a 30’’ model, and then go up to 36’’, 42”, and 54’’. They also have a variety of outdoor appliances ranging from access doors and drawers, side burners, even heaters. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop brand, Twin Eagles may be for you.

One thing that makes these grills unique is their 5 part Propriety Grilling System that takes cooking on a Twin Eagles grill to a whole new level. Here is a break down of this system:


When you ignite the burners, heat rises and creates drafting which draws clean cool air through vents located at the bottom of the firebox.

  • Keeps the heat above the burners, accelerating its movement to the cooking surface.
  • Air/gas mixture remains constant for a more efficient flame.
  • Eliminates stress to the burners from heat, the number one cause of burner fatigue.



Other grill systems operate solely off the principle that heat rises, which can create hot and/or cold spots. Heat will also follow the path of least resistance. Our exclusive system uses briquette trays with channels that direct heat systematically.

As the heat is pushed upward, it passes through ports located between the ceramic briquettes.

  • Supplies the intense heat preferred for searing and grilling.
  • Preheats your grill faster.
  • Minimizes gas use.




High-grade ceramic briquettes distribute radiant heat evenly to the cooking surface, essential for consistent grilling.

Part of the preheating process involves bringing the ceramic briquettes to temperature. Absorbing heat into the bottom of the briquettes and transferring it out the top takes time and uses gas. Instead of relying solely on absorbing heat into the bottom of the briquettes, the Twin Eagles system also absorbs heat into the sides and tops of the briquettes from channels located between the rows of briquettes.

  • Briquettes reach temperature in a fraction of the time using less gas.
  • Even distribution of heat.



The Twin Eagles grill allows you to cook multiple food items at different temperatures. A divider between each burner breaks the grilling surface into zones. You can operate all zones at the same temperature level or control each zone temperature independently.

Zone grilling also permits you to grill one or two items efficiently and effectively with only one burner operating. Since drafting pushes the heat upward, it’s concentrated in one zone and will not spread throughout the firebox.


  • Lets you effectively operate one zone only for small volume grilling.
  • Allows you to operate all zones at one temperature level or control the temperature of each zone independently to grill a variety of foods at once.



Grates on most grills serve one purpose: to hold your food. Twin Eagles grates actually aid in the grilling process by absorbing, retaining and conducting heat into your food. The thicker or heavier the grate, the more heat it will absorb and retain.

We use 3/8 inch hexagonal stainless steel rods in our grates. They offer over 20% more mass than most grates and 10% more mass than 3/8 inch round rods. The increased mass retains more heat.

The flat surface of the hexagon rods creates more food-to-surface contact over round grates, allowing more heat to be conducted into your food.

  • Food cooks more evenly.
  • Creates deeper and thicker restaurant-style sear marks.


Key Features that come standard on the Twin Eagles C-series Grills


These are the features that you will find on these Twin Eagle grills that make them high quality, premium grills.


  • Exclusive Control Illumination
  • High Polished Accents
  • Concealed Heavy-Duty Rotisserie System
  • Rotisserie Rod Storage
  • Hot surface Ignition
  • Sealed smoker box
  • 25,000 BTUs 14 gauge 304 stainless steel Burners and Zone dividers
  • High-quality ceramic briquettes
  • Easy-to-open hood assist system
  • Interior lights with hood-activated light switch for nighttime grilling
  • Exclusive Control Illumination provides a precise control knob setting
  • Extra Large 3-Position Warming & Cooking Rack
  • Large capacity smoker box



Optimal Upgrade Features

All sizes of Twin Eagle C-Series grills offer the option to upgrade to a rotisserie or a rotisserie and sear zone burner.

Sear Zone Infrared Burner: the Twin Eagles sear zone produces a powerful 25,000 BTU’s of direct, infrared heat for searing foods to lock in natural juices.

Heavy-Duty Rotisserie System: Fully-integrated motor 100 lbs. of torque, chain-driven two position rotisserie provides

The Twin Eagles C-Series model breakdown:

Available in 3 different models; (TEBQ**G, TEBQ**R, and TEBQ**RS) note: *Asterisk denotes grill size

TEBQ**G – All key features discussed above, you are also able to upgrade to an infrared sear zone burner kit for +$379.00

TEBQ**R – All key features with the addition of an infrared rotisserie system

TEBQ**RS – All key features with the addition of an infrared rotisserie system and infrared sear zone burner


Warranty Info

These are all key features that make Twin Eagles a superb grill on the market. All of these features and craftsmanship come with a great warranty to back up the work that goes into making these wonderful grill. The warranty is as follows;  

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: Twin Eagles warrants the stainless steel main burners, hexagonal grates and all fabricated stainless steel components.

LIMITED FIVE YEAR WARRANTY: Twin Eagles warrants the stainless steel briquette trays, sear zone burners, rotisserie burners and drip pans.

LIMITED TWO YEAR WARRANTY: Twin Eagles warrants all other grill components to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

ONE-YEAR FULL WARRANTY: Twin Eagles warrants the outdoor gas grill and all other components to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.