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The Best Outdoor Refrigerators

The Best Outdoor Refrigerators

When you start planning and designing your outdoor kitchen, there are many features and appliances you can include. One outdoor kitchen appliance we believe you can’t go without is an outdoor refrigerator. Every indoor kitchen has a fridge, so your outdoor kitchen does too! You’ll find a lot of outdoor refrigerators on the market at varying prices and quality, so we have a list of some of our favorite outdoor refrigerators that succeed in performance and quality. But first, let’s dive into the benefits of an outdoor refrigerator.

Benefits of an Outdoor Refrigerator

  • Convenience: No more running inside every few minutes to grab another drink or condiment. Everything you need for a backyard party or family meal is outside right when you need it with an outdoor refrigerator.
  • Organization: An outdoor refrigerator keeps drinks and food items organized and stored at the ideal temperature. Forget digging through ice chests or storing party drinks inside. 
  • Less waste: Instead of leaving drinks or food on the counter throughout the hot day to waste, an outdoor refrigerator helps minimize waste with proper storage. The drinks and food you buy for outdoor gatherings will last longer sitting in the outdoor refrigerator.

Marvel 24-Inch Outdoor Refrigerator

The Marvel 24-inch 5.33 Cu. Ft. Outdoor Rated Compact Refrigerator is a sleek, high-performing outdoor refrigerator. It features Dynamic Cooling Technology that keeps the temperature stable, even on hot summer days. In addition, you get 5.33 cu. ft. of storage in this refrigerator with two adjustable shelves, so you have more than enough room for drinks.

Other features include interior lighting, standard door lock, and door alarm for door ajar and high/low temperatures. These features make this Marvel 24-inch Outdoor Refrigerator one of the best options for outdoor refrigerators because it provides the convenience and performance you need for any outdoor gathering!

Summit 24-Inch Outdoor Commercial Beverage Center

The Summit 24-inch Outdoor Commercial Beverage Center made the best outdoor refrigerators list for its high-quality design and durability. This outdoor refrigerator is wrapped in 304-grade stainless steel, giving an elegant design and extreme durability. The construction of this refrigerator is versatile, too, with options to use as a built-in or freestanding refrigerator. No matter the layout of your outdoor area, this Summit refrigerator can work seamlessly! In addition, the weatherproof design makes it possible to use this refrigerator wherever you need it in your outdoor kitchen.

For safety, this Summit outdoor refrigerator exceeds UL safety requirements and includes integrated GFCI for extra protection. This is a high-quality commercial outdoor refrigerator that will exceed your expectations and last you many years to come.

U-Line 24-Inch Outdoor Rated Refrigerator

The U-Line 24-inch Outdoor Rated Refrigerator is the ultimate storage refrigerator for all of your outdoor gatherings! It has 5.4 cu. ft. of storage and holds up to 117 12 oz bottles or 194 12 oz cans. So you will stay fully stocked for every party! This refrigerator also features a convection cooling system and a digital touchpad control system. 

Along with its excellent performance, the U-Line 24-inch Outdoor Rated Refrigerator also looks sleek with the stainless steel cabinet, toe-kick, and door. Additionally, this outdoor refrigerator offers flexibility with its field reversible door and adjustable leveling legs for the perfect height. You can use it either as a built-in or freestanding refrigerator as well. If you’re looking for an outdoor refrigerator that maximizes storage in a compact size, this is the one for you!

Other Outdoor Refrigeration Appliances

Outdoor refrigerators aren’t the only appliances available to keep your drinks and food cold in your outdoor kitchen. At The Outdoor Appliance Store, we offer various specialty outdoor refrigeration appliances in addition to traditional outdoor refrigerators. Here are some other outdoor kitchen appliances to consider.

  • Outdoor ice maker: Enjoy the convenience of on-demand ice anytime you need it outside! It’s perfect when serving cocktails, soda, or any drink.
  • Outdoor wine cooler: Store your wine at the ideal temperature outdoors and prevent waste.
  • Kegerator: Keep the drinks coming with your favorite beer on tap at the perfect chilled temperature.
  • Outdoor freezer: The perfect complement to your outdoor refrigerator is an outdoor freezer to store your favorite frozen treats.

These outdoor refrigerators help you keep the party going longer with all of your food and drinks at your fingertips. Don’t just buy any outdoor refrigerator, though! Instead, choose one of these popular outdoor refrigerators to ensure high performance, quality, and durability. Each of these outdoor refrigerators will work beautifully with an outdoor kitchen and premium BBQ grill. Let’s start building your dream outdoor living space!  Contact the grill and outdoor kitchen experts at The Outdoor Appliance with any questions.

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