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Vintage 42-Inch Pantry Door/Drawer Combo - VPDC42


Vintage 42-Inch Pantry Door/Drawer Combo - VPDC42


  • Combination of 2 Doors and 2 Drawers
  • Reversible Design Allows You to Position the Drawers On Either Side of the Drawer
  • Drawers Have Stainless Steel Glides for Smooth Opening and Closing
  • Pinned Hinges and Centered Handles on the Doors
  • Made of Double-Lined 18-Gauge 304 Stainless Steel
  • 3/4" Flange for Convenience When Building a Stone Island

Vintage 42-Inch Pantry Door/Drawer Combo - VPDC42

Vintage 42-Inch Pantry Door/Drawer Combo

Like a fine wine, Vintage Products have grown through generations of experience to become the ultimate outdoor cooking and entertainment line. From our remarkably powerful grills and side burners to our complete line of outdoor kitchen accessories, the Vintage brand speaks of fine craftsmanship and truly intelligent design. An excellent addition to your custom outdoor kitchen, our 42-inch pantry door/drawer combo allows the storage of large items as well as much-needed smaller ones in one conveniently organized and enclosed space. Create something exceptional with Vintage!

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Doors: 2
  • Drawers: 2


  • Overall Width: 42"
  • Overall Height: 21 1/8"
  • Depth: 21"
  • Cut Out Width: 39 3/4"
  • Cut Out Height: 18 7/8"

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