Trade-Wind P7242-12 Pyramid Style 42″ 1200 CFM Outdoor BBQ Vent Hood (10″ Duct cover included)


SKU: P7242-12
SKU: P7242-12


SKU: P7242-12

Trade-Wind P7242-12 Pyramid Style 42″ 1200 CFM Outdoor BBQ Vent Hood (10″ Duct cover included)

The Trade-Wind P7242-12 Pyramid Style 42″ Outdoor BBQ Vent Hood is a stylish and high-performance addition to outdoor kitchens. Crafted with precision, this stainless steel vent hood boasts a three-speed internal blower delivering an impressive 1200 CFM, ensuring efficient ventilation during grilling sessions.

Constructed from heavy-duty 22-gauge 304-grade stainless steel, this vent hood is designed for longevity in outdoor environments. The pyramid-style hood features variable halogen lighting that not only illuminates the cooking surface for enhanced visibility during nighttime grilling but also adds a touch of sophistication. The bulbs are included, offering a complete lighting solution.

The vent hood’s generous 32-inch depth ensures ample coverage of the grilling surface, optimizing its capture area. Maintenance is made easy with dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffle grease filters, allowing for hassle-free cleaning and ensuring the longevity of the hood’s performance.

Installation is straightforward with the requirement of a 10-inch duct, and venting is facilitated from the top of the unit. The hood is designed for wall-mounted installation, providing flexibility in outdoor kitchen layouts. The Trade-Wind P7242-12 is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, meeting the highest standards of outdoor vent hood design.

Specifications for this vent hood include the Trade-Wind brand name, wall mount as the mounting type, a pyramid hood type, and an internal blower. It is ducted for ventilation, with a powerful 1200 CFM and three or more fan speeds for customizable performance. The vent hood is equipped with four baffle filters to enhance filtration and maintain optimal airflow. Operating at 120V, this vent hood is approved for outdoor use, meeting the specific requirements of outdoor kitchen setups.

In terms of dimensions, the exterior width is 42 inches, making it suitable for various outdoor kitchen configurations. The duct diameter is 10 inches, and the mounting height is 30 inches, providing flexibility in installation. The overall height of the vent hood is 24 inches, with a depth of 32 inches and a width of 42 inches. Weighing 175 lbs, this vent hood is a robust and reliable choice for outdoor grilling enthusiasts.


  • Brand Name: Trade-Wind
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Hood Type: Pyramid
  • Blower Type: Internal
  • Venting Type: Ducted
  • CFM: 1200 CFM
  • Fan Speed: 3 or more speeds
  • # of Baffle Filters: 4
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Approved for Outdoor Use: Yes
  • Dimensions
    • Exterior Width:42″
    • Duct Diameter:10″
    • Mounting Height:30″
    • Height:24″
    • Depth:32″
    • Width:42″
  • Weight: 175lbs

***Note: Trade-Wind no longer offers Roof Caps or Wall Caps. Please see Installation Instructions and refer to the Best Practices Section for engineering drawing of recommended optimum performance roof/wall cap to be built locally.

Weight 174 lbs
2 Piece Duct Cover to Extend up to 12' Ceilings

No, Yes+521

Specification Sheet Installation Instructions and Owner's Guide


Trade-Wind warrants its Trade-Wind Kitchen Ventilation Products to the original user, to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for three (3) years from the date of purchase. Trade-Wind at its option, will repair or replace the complete unit or any defective component without charge.