Sunstone Emerald Series 42-Inch Gas Hybrid Dual Zone Charcoal/Wood Burning Built-In Grill, EMCHDZ42

Main Features

  • Limited lifetime warranty construction and components
  • All 14-Gauge 304 stainless steel drawer system
  • All 304 stainless steel construction
  • Easy lift spring assisted hood
  • Exclusively liquid propane – conversion required for NG
  • Exclusive integrated dual-gas ignition burners
  • Combined 35,000 BTU liquid propane burners
  • Pro-searing grid heats up to 800° in minutes
  • Dual zone height adjustable burn trays
  • Dual zone fireboxes allows for all grilling styles
  • Burn charcoal or wood logs in drawers
  • Drawers are fully removable for easy cleaning
  • Drawers can be locked closed for safety
  • Adjustable vents in each drawer face and hood
  • Dual left and right back hood louver venting
  • Included stow-away dual level warming rack
  • Led front control panel lighting effects
  • Interior bright halogen lighting

Product Description

Sunstone Emerald Series 42-Inch Gas Hybrid Dual Zone Charcoal/Wood Burning Built-In Grill, EMCHDZ42

The Emerald Series 42 in. Gas/Charcoal/Wood Hybrid is the Next Revolution in the Outdoor Grill Market, built upon its predecessor now with added new integrated Dual Gas Combined 35,000 BTU Burners Ignition System under each Charcoal/Wood Drawer and coupled with the Exclusive Dual Zone Charcoal and Wood Burning Drawer System you have yourself a Winner here. Easily replenish Charcoal or Wood type while you continue grilling then remove whole drawer for easy clean-up, dumping ash waste away. Unlimited ways to grill, Smoke, Sear with endless ways to customize the drawer systems, the height adjustable top tray can be loaded with your choice of whole piece woods like mesquite, or oak – give your food an added flavorful experience. Use one side for High Heat Sear Grilling, while the other side is Low Heat Indirect Cooking – and Re-Ignite the Charcoal/Wood in the Burn Trays as Needed. All Construction Materials and Components are made with Solid 304 Stainless Steel – Engineered and Designed Exclusively in the USA, from the grilling experts of Sunstone. This grill has been well tested by top Chefs of BBQ Competition Events and has Proven itself worthy of its Superiority in the Market among all other similar grill products.

Spec Sheet:


Owner’s Manual:


Additional Information

Weight:  216 lbs


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