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Memphis 39" Elite Pellet Grill On Cart - VG0002S

Memphis 39" Elite Pellet Grill On Cart - VG0002S


Temperature Range180-700 F°
Convection SystemDual Fan Combustion/Convection System
Cooking Surface844/1,252* sq. in. (*optional grates)
ConstructionDouble Wall, Sealed
MaterialHeavy-Duty 304 Stainless Steel
Fuel Hopper24 lb. Wood Pellet, Dual Bin Hopper with Dual Auger

Memphis 39" Elite Pellet Grill On Cart - VG0002S

Memphis 39" Elite Pellet Grill On Cart

Big, bold, and made in the USA, this wood pellet grill is the ultimate addition to any outdoor kitchen. With a whopping 1252 sq. inches of cooking surface, a large 24 lb. pellet hopper, dual metal convection fans, and precise temperature control capable of anything from 180° to 700°, the Memphis Elite is truly a revolutionary cooking appliance.

Temperature Range180-700 F°
Convection SystemDual Fan Combustion/Convection System
Cooking Surface844/1,252* sq. in. (*optional grates)
ConstructionDouble Wall, Sealed
MaterialHeavy-Duty 304 Stainless Steel
Fuel Hopper24 lb. Wood Pellet, Dual Bin Hopper with Dual Auger
Dimensions47" W x 69" H x 29" D




304 Stainless Steel. Double wall and sealed construction provides superior heat retention and consistent temperatures in all weather conditions.


Dual Fan Convection System provides convection cooking and even heat circulation for tender and juicy results. The fans are metal-bladed for enhanced reliability.


EZ Access Flavorizer for convenient periodic grill maintenance.

Direct Flame Insert provides maximum searing versatility. (Optional)


24 lb. high-capacity wood pellet hopper with two 12 lb. fuel bins. Provides up to 62 hours of unattended cooking. Put ribs on the grill, leave for the day -and they’re done to perfection.

Pellet Consumption

One 20 lb. bag of Memphis Wood Fire pellets lasts approximately as long as a tank of propane and costs the same At 350 degrees, the Memphis burns approximately 1.5 lbs. of pellets per hour or ¾ lb. per half hour.



VG4402 Elite Small Cooking Grate (2 per kit)

VG4001 Large Cooking Grate

VG4407 Memphis Direct Flame Insert

VGCOVER-5 Elite Cart Cover


Cooking with Wood

Pure, Unforgettable Flavor.

That’s what you get when you cook, smoke, bake, and grill over 100% natural hardwood pellets.

And, if you’ve never had the chance to give it a try – or you have, but you’ve given up because you think it’s too time-consuming or requires too much technical skill – you might not realize what you’ve been missing.

We think you should be cooking with wood.


From our earliest beginnings, fire has drawn us together.

In fact, cooking with wood has long been considered one of the single greatest technological advancements in the course of human history. Of course, new technologies have allowed us to move beyond the fire pit. Today, we cook more, faster. Still, we continue to come back to wood fire cooking.

The reason? It simply tastes better.

And, not only does hardwood infuse your food with more flavor than propane or charcoal, it’s also an incredibly efficient, renewable fuel source, which generates less ash than charcoal. (Read: Less cleanup for you.)

It’s about time we get serious about wood fire cooking. (Again.)



From the very best pizza ovens in Rome to the most highly-acclaimed steakhouses in America, Japan, and Argentina, top chefs point to wood fire as the real culinary game-changer.

And, if you ask the South’s most respected BBQ pitmasters, they’ll tell you they’d never dream of cooking low and slow ribs over anything, but wood.

So, why not you?

From quick weeknight meals to next Saturday’s elegant dinner party to this summer’s backyard BBQ blow-out, your Memphis Wood Fire Grill will help you wow friends and family with high-end, restaurant-quality meals.

Simply put: Cooking with wood will change the way you experience food.

When it comes to fuels for grilling, nothing beats the flavor of wood.

Steven Raichlen (BBQ Extraordinaire)


With a Memphis, cooking with wood is easy. What’s more, wood fire flavor is flat-out delicious. (Just ask Steve.)

With our Memphis BBQ wood pellets, you can create rich, rewarding dining experiences, no matter what you’ve got on your grill, from wood-fired pizza to smoked brisket to killer hamburgers – even seared tuna with grilled pineapple salsa.

And, since our certified 100% pure hardwood pellets are dried and compressed under high heat, they hold their shape without glues or binders, while retaining their authentic wood flavor – making them perfect for cooking, grilling, and smoking.


Try our seven unforgettable wood flavors:

  • Applewood
  • Cherry wood
  • Hickory wood
  • Maple wood
  • Mesquite
  • Oak wood
  • Pecan


Memphis Wood Fire Grills not only help you create memorable meals, they’re also jaw-droppingly easy to operate. (Please be gentle on that jaw as it hits the floor – you’ll need it for the mouth-watering food you’re about to create.)

Now, simply enter your grill temperature and the desired internal temperature of your food, press start, and relax.

  • Your Memphis will take care of the rest, including:
  • Closely monitoring food and grill temperatures
  • Automatically feeding wood pellets into the grill to maintain a highly consistent temperature
  • Adjusting the air-to-fuel ratio automatically, controlling the convection fans and ensuring a perfectly even distribution of heat
  • Reducing the grill setting to warm when your food is ready, preventing overcooking

Regardless of how you use your Memphis – as a high-temperature grill, a low and slow smoker, a high performance convection oven, or all of the above – it will deliver highly-consistent results with its Intelligent Temperature Control™ technology.

It’s never been so easy to tap into your culinary genius.


Slow-roasted pork shoulder sure sounds fantastic, but on a Tuesday evening? Done. Memphis makes it possible, no matter how much time you have on your hands.

Sear a steak, and go from kitchen to grill to table in 15 minutes.

Or, spend 20 minutes preparing your food, then set-it-and-forget-it for two hours – or 62. Your low and slow-cooked meal will be ready when you are.

So, go right ahead – smoke a pork butt overnight while you’re sawing logs. We guarantee, there’s nothing quite like waking up to the heavenly aroma of BBQ pork perfection.

Big flavor. Small effort. Memphis makes it happen.

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Memphis Wood Fire Grills

Memphis Natural Wood Options

No Thanks, Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Pecan, Mesquite, Oak


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Memphis Grill products carry a seven (7) year Limited Warranty from the date of purchase by the original owner against defects in material and workmanship. Electronic and electrical components carry a three (3) year replacement warranty when subjected to normal residential use. Limited Warranty does not apply to burn pot, meat probe, grill cover gaskets or damage caused by corrosion. The meat probe is under Warranty for 30 days from the date of purchase.

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