Joape Copacabana Reservoir Misting Fan


  • Coverage Area: 1,500 sq ft
  • Air Flow: 5,885 cfm
  • Noise Level: 67dB
  • Consumption: 200W
  • Voltage: 110 volt
  • Water Supply: 21 gallon reservoir
  • Product Size L x W x H: 29″ x 19″ x 90″
  • Net Weight: 94 lbs (fan+res+base)
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Joape Copacabana Reservoir

  • Coverage Area: 1,500 sq ft
  • Air Flow: 5,885 cfm
  • Noise Level: 67dB
  • Consumption: 200W
  • Voltage: 110 volt
  • Water Supply: 21 gallon reservoir
  • Product Size L x W x H: 29″ x 19″ x 90″
  • Net Weight: 94 lbs (fan+res+base)


Joape’s Copacabana misting fans cool a generous 1,500 square foot outdoor area circulating at an impressive 5,885 cubic feet per minute (CFM), reducing the area temperature by at least 20 degrees. When temperatures rise, create an outdoor “cool zone” of comfort with ultra fine cool mist that lowers area temperature, cleanses the air of dust, smoke and odors, and creates a bug free fly zone. Joape misting fans are ideal for outdoor patios, decks, screen porches and lanais, spa & pool areas, anywhere spot cooling is desired.


Joape misting fans are quiet, low-maintenance and energy-efficient. With their unique center centrifugal disk design, there are no nozzles to clog or pumps to break unlike nozzle misting fans and systems. As water droplets hit the center disk spinning at super high velocity, they explode into microscopic fine particles that spread out into a cooling cloud of mist so fine you don’t get wet!


Reservoir models featuredurable, weather resistant plastic casing with attractive design. Simply fill the reservoir side opening with water from a garden hose. Portable Reservoir misting fansare on a rolling caster base with one locking wheel. The 21gallon water tank provides all-day cooling up to 10 hours, depending upon the misting level that can be set from low to high with an adjustable rear valve knob. Requires 110 volt outlet, uses light-bulb equivalent energy and low water consumption. Available in grey or black. Overall product size is 29” L x 19” W x 90” H, ships in 3 cartons. (Joape letters on tall Reservoir are easily removable)




Residential for use onoutdoor patios, decks, screen porches, lanais, spa & pool areas, outdoor kitchens, workshop areas, garages anywhere spot cooling is desired. Extends outdoor living in even the hottest days of summer, keeping you refreshed and comfortable.


Commercial for Restaurants / Bars / Cafes / Hotels, Motels, Resorts forcooling outdoor dining areas & patios, bar areas, valet areas, pool & spa areas, cabanas, and tennis court public areas. Increases guest comfort, patrons stay cool& dry, and tables stay filled. Turns any hot, empty space into an inviting, cool oasis from summer heat.

Other Commercial for Horse Barns / Kennels / Tennis Courts / Automotive Centers / Loading Docks / Manufacturing Plants / Sports Fields provides relief from the heat with a cool down zone, energy savings of 30% over air conditioning costs, cleanses the air of particles




About Joape


Joape is a well known green technology and acclimatizing company in southern Brazil. Joape’s focus continues to be on thedevelopment of new technologies and products offering high quality lifestyle solutions while respecting the environment.


Joape has been manufacturing their patented center disk design cool mist fans since early 2000, their cooling products are widely distributed in South America. This unique centrifugal disk design explodes the water droplets into microscopic fine particles that get pushed into the air by a rear fan blade, gradually building a cloud of cool mist to reduce area temperature and cleanse the air. Joape misting fans extend the outdoor living experience on even the hottest days of the year, creating a comfortable, inviting oasis. Joape misting fans provide energy efficient portable spot-cooling in attractive styles to choose from.


Eco Story


Joape misting fans are economical to operate and energy efficient, using light bulb equivalent voltage. They also operate on low water consumption, 75% of the water pumped to the disk is recycled back to the tank for continued misting.


Benefits & Features of EcoJet by Joape Misting Fans


  • creates “cool zone” of mist so fine you don’t get wet!
  • reduces outdoor temperature by 20+ degrees in cooling area
  • conveniently portable outdoor cooling, anytime, anywhere
  • cleans, purifies & hydrates the air
  • eliminates odors, smoke, reduces allergens & static
  • mist cloud creates flying insect FREE fly zone
  • green technology, energy efficient & low water consumption
  • low maintenance, no nozzles to clog, no filters required, no high pressure pumps
  • adjustable misting volume from low to high
  • quiet operation & attractive design
  • choice of tabletop, wall mount or reservoir styles & colors
  • one year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial applications


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