Hestan | Outdoor Faucet

Original price was: $769.00.Current price is: $729.00.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Original price was: $769.00.Current price is: $729.00.

Made in the USA

Hestan Outdoor Faucet – AGOF

Elevate your outdoor kitchen with this Hestan Faucet. Proudly made in the USA.

Convenience at Your Fingertips: With the Hestan Outdoor Faucet, you’ll have access to water right where you need it, making food prep, cleaning, and watering plants a breeze without the need to trek back and forth inside.

High-Quality Construction: Crafted with premium materials, this faucet is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance in any weather conditions.

Sleek and Stylish Design: Featuring Hestan’s signature design aesthetic, the outdoor faucet adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor kitchen setup. Its sleek and modern design complements Hestan grills and other outdoor appliances perfectly.

Easy Installation: It is designed for easy installation, whether you’re building a new outdoor kitchen or retrofitting an existing one. With simple instructions and all necessary hardware included, you can have it up and running in no time.

Versatile Usage: From filling pots for cooking to rinsing off utensils and cleaning up after outdoor meals, this faucet offers versatile functionality to meet all your outdoor kitchen needs.

Built-In Freeze Protection: Designed with built-in freeze protection, the faucet ensures reliable performance even in cold weather conditions, preventing freezing and damage to the plumbing system.

Optional Accessories: Pair the Hestan Outdoor Faucet with optional accessories like a hose reel or soap dispenser to further enhance its functionality and convenience.

Manufacturer’s Warranty: Like all Hestan products, the Outdoor Faucet is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of quality craftsmanship.

Upgrade your outdoor kitchen with the Hestan Outdoor Faucet and enjoy the convenience of having water readily available whenever you need it. With its durable construction, stylish design, and easy installation, it’s the perfect addition to any outdoor culinary space.