Caliber Pro Kamado Grill Pizza Stone Kit – CTP22-PK


  • Ceramics distribute heat evenly for perfectly baked pizza crust
  • Great for baking pizza and breads
  • Stainless steel frame holds stone securely on grill
  • No seasoning required and easy clean up


Caliber Pro Kamado Grill Pizza Stone Kit – CTP22-PK

Make grilling with your Caliber Pro Kamado grill more fun and enjoyable with quality accessories. Turn your Caliber Pro grill into an outdoor pizza oven with this versatile pizza stone kit. The pizza stone is made from 3/4-inch ceramic for superior heat retention and distribution. The stone attaches to a stainless steel frame which holds it securely on the grill. The stone absorbs heat as hot air flows around the stone, creating a convection effect for perfectly even baking. The ceramic stone requires no seasoning and may be cleaned with a wire brush.

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Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel


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