Caliber Pro Cauldera Iron Pot Kit – CTP-ICD


  • 14 quart cast iron pot is ideal for cooking chili, soup or braising
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel rack secures pot to the grill
  • Adds versatility to your outdoor cooking


Caliber Pro Cauldera Iron Pot Kit – CTP-ICD

Make grilling with your Caliber Pro Kamado grill more fun and enjoyable with quality accessories. The Cauldera Iron Pot Kit includes a heavy-duty, 304 stainless steel rack which securely holds the cooking pot on your grill. The 14 quart, seasoned Lodge cast iron cooking pot sits directly in the middle of the grill and allows you to make delicious soup, chili or braise your favorite meat on the grill.

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Cast Iron


14 Quart


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