Bromic Heating – BH011-500 – Platinum Smart-Heat – 500 Series Patio Heater




  • The Platinum series of radiant patio heaters by Bromic Heating have the highest wind rating of any gas patio heater on the market. 2-3 times more wind resistant than the competitors.
  • Smart Electronic Ignition allows for easy startups
  • Automatic re-ignition — should the heater not re-ignite for any reason, the integrated “Flame Failure Safety Shut-off Control” turns the heater off immediately.
  • Patented ceramic medium produces 39800 BTU’s of even heat.
  • Covers an area of 200 SQ ft.
  • Directional heating – capable of moving 25 degrees left to right of the centerline – allows flexibility from a fixed position.
  • Bracket system houses the intelligent control ignition switched.
  • Top shelf materials, SS443 Stainless Steel and ceramic shields.
  • Available with an optional heat shield, which allows the unit to be mounted closer to the ceiling or eaves


Bromic Heating – BH011-500 – Platinum Smart-Heat – 500 Series Patio Heater

The Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat 500 Series Heater is an efficient and modern patio heater that will make your next event enjoyable and relaxing. Constructed with heavy duty stainless steel, this unit has the durability it needs to survive wind and precipitation. Operating with your choice of natural gas or liquid propane, the heater glows with a warming effect when the red gas glare is transformed into a soft red glow. Without compromising the power of the unit, this soft glow provides a warm atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy.

Designed for outdoor entertainment areas, the Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat 500 Series Heater was designed with a patented direct ignition system that will ignite your heater even in winds of up to 11 MPH! The unit’s five burners will work together to provide up to 39,800 BTUs in your yard. Heating up to 200 square feet provides this heater with the ability to heat your next outdoor dinner party or family birthday party! It is the perfect way to stay warm in style!

  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction
  • Your choice of natural gas or liquid propane
  • five burners providing 39,800 BTUs
  • Weather and wind resistant
  • Five burners

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