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Alfresco, 36" Standard Grill Cart - XE-36C

Alfresco, 36" Standard Grill Cart - XE-36C


  • *Comes fully assembled*

Alfresco, 36" Standard Grill Cart

The key to perfectly grilled food is instant caramelization, which seals in juices for tender, moist, and flavorful food. The XE-36C 36" Standard Cart Grill has been engineered to deliver the intense, even heat needed to achieve perfect results, with the control and flexibility needed for all kinds of food.

  • Crafted of weather-hardy stainless steel
  • Features two access doors for storage
  • Includes side shelves that flip down
  • 36" Alfresco grill head sold separately

Additional information

Weight 195 lbs

Alfresco Grills


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