Having an outdoor kegerator in your backyard kitchen makes serving your favorite beer a snap. A kegerator can make that next block-party BBQ something special and memorable. You will be the talk of the neighborhood and people will remember your party. Ice-cold beer, good friends, and great food will make any occasion special!

The kegerators in our online store are all made from 304 stainless steel and are usually double insulated to keep the beer cold and the foam down. Many of these kegerators can double up as a fridge by adding shelves to the inside walls. It’s important for the cold air to circulate on all sides for better temperature control and stability, as the optimal temperature for keeping beer cold is 38 degrees. Many of these units are equipped with integrated drain systems to help with cleanups, as well as locking doors and alarms if the door is left open or if the temperature falls below a certain degree.

If you’ve always wanted a kegerator in your backyard, find the perfect option today!

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