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No outdoor kitchen is complete without an outdoor refrigerator.  Previously, these outdoor rated refrigerators would only have a relatively small life cycle.  The outdoor’s weather would just tear these compact refrigerators apart, allowing them only about 6 months of quality use.  Now, due to modern innovation they can actually last.  Even in places consumed by humidity like us here in FL.  You can actually get a realistic life cycle of quality use due to the more quality construction synonymous with the newer refrigeration products.  The newer products have amazing features as well, like full 304 grade stainless steel construction or no-frost outdoor beer dispensers.  The innovation hasn’t slowed down.

There are differences in the way that refrigerators are built for the indoors versus those built for the outdoors. Outdoor compact refrigerators have stronger compressors because they have to work harder than indoor refrigerators. The temperature outside isn’t consistent, and these fluctuations are why an outdoor refrigerator works harder to maintain its internal temperature. When choosing an outdoor refrigerator, make sure it is an Underwriter Laboratories (UL) outdoor-rated product.

Our Favorite Outdoor Refrigeration Brands

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