Move Your Grill Where You Please

Customers sometimes approach us and say, “We don’t have the space for an outdoor kitchen,” or, “We are moving in a few months but would still like to purchase a high-end gas grill.” Providing a solution for these customers has never been easier. Most our outdoor grill carts can be detached from the grill heads that go on top of them. This allows for the grill head to be used as a built-in gas grill in the future. If you decide on a more permanent outdoor kitchen area that is. These grill carts can be basic or come with all the bells and whistles you want. Some brands even offer refrigerated cabinets underneath the grill head that are totally insulated and food safe. This allows you to keep everything within hands reach when cooking. Some of these grill carts also leave room to add a side burner! Some prefer that option but don’t have a kitchen island for the burner to be built into so its ideal.

If you’re interested in a portable cart grill that you can move where you want, shop with us today!

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