Keep Your Outdoor Kitchen Island From Bursting In Flames

The last thing you want to worry about in your outdoor kitchen is a fire. An insulated jacket is an integral part of your backyard space. It is imperative if your kitchen is being constructed from combustible material. Over the past few years, there have been fires in homes that started in the outdoor kitchen area due to the gas grills not being properly insulated. How do you know if your backyard kitchen needs an insulated jacket for the grill and side burner?

Is your kitchen is constructed with combustible materials? Then it is very likely that you will need an insulated jacket between the grill and the island. Overall, these jackets are usually built with sleek lines and are constructed of 304 stainless steel. These insulated liners will not cramp the style of your outdoor kitchen, and you’ll love knowing that your home is safe.

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  • Alfresco, Insulated Jacket For 30″ Built-In Gas Grills – AIJ-30

    $630.00 $599.00
  • Alfresco, Insulated Jacket For 36″ Built-In Gas Grills – AIJ-36

    $673.00 $639.00
  • Alfresco, Insulated Jacket For 42″ Built-In Gas Grills – AIJ-42

    $710.00 $669.00
  • Alfresco, Insulated Jacket For 56″ Built-In Gas Grills – AIJ-56

    $779.00 $729.00
  • American Muscle Grill Insulated Jacket For AMG Grills – AMG-GL

  • American Muscle Grill Insulating Jacket for AMG Power Burner – GL-AMGPB

  • American Outdoor Grill 24″ Insulating Liner – 24-IL-B

  • American Outdoor Grill 30″ Insulating Liner – 30-IL-B

  • American Outdoor Grill Insulating Liner For L/T-Series 36-Inch Gas Grills, 36-IL-B

  • Artisan Insulating Jacket For 26″ Grills – ART-IJ26

  • Artisan Insulating Jacket For 32″ Grills – ART-IJ32

  • Artisan Insulating Jacket For 36″ Grills – ART-IJ36