Enhance Your Burners

Are you planning a seafood boil or frying up some fish in your outdoor kitchen? Our selection of outdoor burner accessories, like pot sets and tongs, are great for cooking seafood or anything else outside. This will leave the inside of your house still smelling fresh while you’re cooking flavorful seafood and other dishes on your deck or patio. This frees up indoor kitchen space for preparing any other sides or dishes. When you combine these pot sets with a side burner, you’ll no longer need to make trips inside to cook sides or additional dishes.  Sometimes you can have the whole kitchen, grill, even the side burners but you’re just missing those extra accessories to throw your cooking experience to the next level.

Look through our selection below to find your new outdoor burner accessories today.

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  • Alfresco – 14″ Professional Wok – AG-WOK

    $159.00 $149.00
  • Alfresco, 22″ Commercial Wok For Versa Power Cooker – AXEVP-WOK

    $179.00 $169.00
  • Alfresco, Wok Ring For Alfresco Side Burners – AG-WR

    $139.00 $129.00
  • American Fyre Designs 8120 Burner Cover for Cosmopolitan Square Chat Height Table, AFD-8120-Config

    $150.00 $125.00
  • American Fyre Designs 8135A Nylon Cover for Fire Tables, AFD-8135A

    $123.00 $102.00
  • American Outdoor Grill Infrared Searing Burner For AOG L-Series Gas Grills, IRB-18

  • Artisan Prep And Waste Chute With Cutting Board Cover – ARTP-PWC

  • Bayou Classic 24 Qt. Aluminum Pot with Basket and Lid

    $112.00 $61.11
  • Bayou Classic 60 Qt Aluminum Stockpot, 4060

    $204.00 $146.67
  • Bayou Classic Cast Iron Burner, BG10

  • Bayou Classic High Pressure Burner, BG12

  • Bear Paw, Nylon Meat Shredder – BP01

  • Bison, Airlighter 420 Portable Electric Firestarter – BA002

  • Bison, Airlighter 520 Portable Electric Firestarter – BA001

  • Bison, Butane Fuel Refill – 1.5 Oz. – BAF0015

  • Blaze Infrared Searing Burner, BLZ-IRN

    $99.99 $79.99