Cook Like A Japanese Steakhouse

Have you ever visited a Japanese steakhouse? Maybe, sat around a table with friends and other guests, enjoyed watching the chefs cook and serve up some great food on teppanyaki griddles?  Its an experience in itself

In Japanese, teppan means “iron plate” and yaki translates to “broiled or fried.” Together they create the term Teppanyaki, which typically means “food grilled on an iron griddle or plate.” Restaurants usually have large iron plates or flat surfaces upon which multiple Teppanyaki foods can be prepared. These include grilled meats and vegetables of all sorts. Teppanyaki griddles are typically gas fueled or heated flat surface grills, and are widely used to cook food in front of guests at restaurants. With The Outdoor Appliance Store, the Teppanyaki griddle can now be a part of your outdoor kitchen. Teppanyaki grills are solid surfaces. When you’re cooking beef, shrimp, scallions, lobster, chicken, and vegetables, the food doesn’t stick or fall through grates. All made with 304 stainless steel, it’s really a great way to entertain your guests; plus, they’re easy to use and clean!

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The popular models that we carry include the Blaze Griddle on a cart, the Twin Eagles Teppanyaki Griddle, and Le Griddle Tabletop Griddle. Find your favorite today!

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