BBQ Griddles

If you already have an outdoor gas grill and you want to be able to be able to cook small vegetables, shrimp, etc? Then a stainless steel griddle is exactly what you’re looking for. Even if you’re only looking for an attachment. At The Outdoor Appliance Store, we have stainless steel griddles that can be placed directly in your gas grill, covering the cooking grates on one side. This can save you a lot of money and allow you to get the full utility out of your outdoor grill. More brands are manufacturing drop-in stainless steel griddles. We know that this grill accessory will become even more of a hot commodity.  Definitely a must-have for any dedicated grill-master.

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  • Alfresco, Commercial Griddle, For Grill Mounting – AGSQ-G

    $359.00 $339.00
  • Alfresco, Griddle For Alfresco Side Burners – AGSB-G

    $409.00 $379.00
  • Alfresco, Teppanyaki Griddle For Versa Power Cooker – AXEVP-TG

    $779.00 $729.00
  • American 16-Inch Muscle Grill Stainless Steel Griddle – AMGGP-1

  • American Outdoor Grill Stainless Steel Griddle – GR18

  • Blaze 30″ Gas Griddle On Deluxe Cart – BLZ-GRIDDLE-LP + BLZ-GRIDDLE-CART

  • Blaze 30″ Gas Griddle On Deluxe Cart – BLZ-GRIDDLE-LTE-LP + BLZ-GRIDDLE-CART

  • Blaze 30″ Griddle Cart Shelving Kit – BLZ-GRIDDLE-SHK

  • Blaze LTE 30″ Built-in Gas Griddle With LED Lights – BLZ-GRIDDLE-LTE

    $2,249.99 $1,799.99
  • Bull Outdoor Products 24” Commercial Style built in Griddle

  • Everdure Grills, Furnace Teppanyaki Plate – HBG3TEPP

    $269.00 $249.00
  • Fire Magic Stainless Steel Griddle For Aurora A830, A540, A430, Choice, Power Burners, & Double Searing Station – 3515

    $449.00 $381.65
  • Fire Magic Stainless Steel Griddle For Echelon & Aurora A790, A660, A530, Power Burners, & Double Searing Station – 3516

    $567.00 $481.95
  • Le Griddle – Stainless Steel Teppanyaki Grill With Griddle Lid – GFE105

  • Le Griddle – Wee Griddle with Lid – GFE40

  • Le Griddle 30-Inch Freestanding Natural/Propane Gas Griddle- GFE75 + GFCART