Perfect Addition For Side Dishes

Have you ever walked into your house and smelled last night’s dinner still lingering in the air? Having an outdoor single side burner can make life much simpler and help eliminate unwanted odors from your home. If you add a single side burner to your grill, everything that you were cooking inside now can be cooked outside. The lingering smell of cooked fish can now be part of the outdoors instead of in your kitchen. Another great reason to install a side burner that runs on propane or natural gas is that if the power goes out in the house, a backup burner is still available.

Single side burners can burn as low as 3,000 BTUs or as high as 18,000 BTUs. Most burners come with 304 stainless steel covers that protect them from the elements. They contain flame burners that have precise control valves that optimize heat distribution of your food. Push button or turn knobs make startup quite simple, and most units have drip pans that make clean-up a breeze. A side burner is an ideal addition to simplify your outdoor cooking needs. These burners are easy to install in your outdoor kitchen and make cooking and reheating dishes a breeze.

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