Imagine encrusting a slab of meat with seasoning and searing it on both sides to perfection similar to your favorite high-end steakhouse. These meals were very difficult to replicate until now. Infrared burners usually heat up in a few minutes and can hit temperatures of up to 1500 degrees like your favorite steakhouse. Outdoor infrared burners cook food 50% faster and are used to sear, brown, and caramelize food products. The best chefs in the world know that the ideal way to prepare a delicious, juicy steak is to sear the outside and lock in the juices to keep the moisture inside. Now you can cook like the master chefs, throw a steak on the infrared burner for about 2 minutes on each side, you have the perfect rare steak. Move the steak over onto medium heat for 2 more minutes on each side, and you have the perfect medium steak. A well-done steak will take about 12 minutes. Infrared burners also produce much more even, radiant heat which reduces flare-ups.

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