Cook Your Sides Outdoors With Double Side Burners

If you enjoy cooking your side dishes while you grill, having an outdoor double side burner outside can make life much simpler and help eliminate unwanted odors from your home. By adding a double side burner, you won’t have to keep going inside to check on the side dishes and outside to check on the grill. Considering, now everything that can be cooked inside, can now can be cooked outside as well. Another great reason to install an outdoor side burner that uses propane or natural gas is that you always have somewhere to cook, even if the power goes out.

Double side burners can burn as low as 3,000 BTU’s or as high as 20,000 BTU’s. Most products come with 304 stainless steel covers that keep them safe from the weather. They also feature burners that have precise flame control valves that optimize heat distribution. The push button or turn knobs make starting the burner quick and easy, and most units have drip pans to make clean-up a cinch. A double side burner is an optimal addition to simplify your outdoor cooking needs. These burners are easy to install and make cooking and reheating easier than ever.

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