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Indoor Kitchens

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Indoor Kitchens

We mostly focus on outdoor kitchens but we do have a few options for those who would like to improve the look of their indoor kitchens as well.

For indoor kitchens, Evo 10-0075 Affinity 30Gp is intended. Direct stovetop cooking is possible, and pots and pans can be used either independently or concurrently as in conventional stovetop cooking. With an optional ceramic cooktop, the 30Gp has a 30″ (762mm) diameter black oil-seasoned steel cooktop that is heated from below by inner and outer gas tube burners. For handling a variety of menu options, Evo’s technology enables independent heat control across inner and outer cook surface zones. Each burner receives heat through a separate inner and outer control knob. Edge-to-edge From the center to the edge, the surface is consistently 225F to 525F (121C to 274C), eliminating the hot patches and temperature issues that are common with conventional square griddles. The Evo 10-0075 burner system has an electronic push-button ignition device that simultaneously fires both burners. The underside of the stove surface is entirely surrounded by a stainless steel drip pan that collects all food waste. On the right and left sides of the control panel, inside front doors, are separate spill over trays that hold and contain drip pan detritus. The Affinity 30Gp Cooktop, which runs on either natural gas or propane LP gas and has a standing pilot light, is the perfect option for setting up a communal cooking area in your indoor kitchen.