Prefab vs. Custom Framed Outdoor Kitchens

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Prefab vs. Custom Kitchens…What’s Right For You?

When it comes to creating the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, the first crucial decision is whether to opt for a prefab or custom-framed design.  Designing and building or buying your dream outdoor kitchen set-up is easier than ever. With all the options available today it can get overwhelming trying to find the perfect solution that suits your needs. So, that’s where we come in, as experts in the outdoor kitchen industry we’ve seen just about everything and know how to choose kitchen components you’ll be enjoying for years. Take a look at some of our favorite premium brands that we carry.

Modular Outdoor Kitchens

Prefab outdoor kitchen islands built out of modular components seem to be the most popular outdoor kitchen option over the last couple of years. Most well-known grill brands are now offering their own options for a modular kitchen set-up. Generally, these types of outdoor kitchens are a great option for customers looking to save a little money, not wanting to wait for a custom outdoor kitchen build, or may be short on space.


Here are a few points to consider if a prefab outdoor kitchen set-up is right for you:

  • Fewer options to choose from. Generally, modular or prefab options offer less freedom for design than custom options but there are usually enough modular units to build your kitchen in whichever configuration you prefer.
  • More Economical Choice Than Custom Typically, these are manufactured at volume by our brands and they are usually a more price-conscious option than going for a full custom set-up.
  • Quicker ship time.  Notably, if you’re looking to get an outdoor kitchen up and running in around a week this will be your best option. Most of our prefab islands are stocked and ready to ship out right away.


 Our Recommendation

a modular kitchen island from AOG

American Outdoor Grill 30 Inch L-Series Gas Grill Island


The American Outdoor Grill IP30LB-CGD-75SM offers a sophisticated outdoor grilling experience with its 30-inch L-Series Gas Grill Island. Proudly made in the USA, these islands are constructed from durable Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) and are easily assembled on-site, making them the perfect complement to your AOG grill. The rounded hood, contoured face, and smooth satin finish contribute to a sleek and stylish appearance, while the large cooking surface and precise thermometer facilitate safe and easy meal preparations.

AOG Grills are characterized by their durable 304 stainless steel construction, including burners, vaporizer panels, Patented Diamond Sear cooking grids, and warming rack. The heavy-gauge, robotically welded seamless oven hood and control panel with polished edges enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Additional features include a high-performance rotisserie kit, backburner, and side burner on portables, a large analog thermometer, solid brass valves for precise temperature control, and easy cushion oven hood bumpers.

The L-Series 30″ Built-In Grill (30N(P)BL-00SP) features an electronic push-button ignition system, interior halogen lights controlled by a push button, and requires 120 Volt AC power. The grill offers stainless steel rod cooking grids, a warming rack, a distinctively designed analog thermometer with a polished bezel, and solid brass valves for precise temperature control and long life. With a cooking surface of 540 square inches and primary BTUs of 45,000, it provides ample space and power for your grilling needs.


Take Note

  • The L-Series Bundle includes:
  • the GFRC Island with a Concrete Grey base
  • Polished Smoke top
  • 30NBL 30 L-Series Built-In Grillt
  • the 16-15 DSSD 16 x 15 Double Drawer
  • the 20-14-SS DLV 20 x 14 Louvered Door with Tray
  • the 14-20-SSDL 14 x 20 Door
  • the 5520-11T 1-Hour Stainless Steel Gas Timer Box.

American Outdoor Grills, designed and manufactured by the company behind Fire Magic Premium Grills. They are known for their stylish appearance, durable construction, and exceptional performance. Whether built-in or portable, these grills are equipped. Including features like stainless steel rod cooking grids, a warming rack, a distinctively designed analog thermometer, solid brass valves, and a flush-mounted brass side burner on portable grills. The heavy-duty 300 series stainless steel construction ensures longevity. Whilst, the L-Series models even come with halogen lights, requiring a 120 Volt power source. Please note that the Island is too large for a liftgate and requires pickup from a freight hub or a lift on site.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

kitchen faqs

Generally, this option is going to be perfect for someone who knows exactly what they want. Or someone who doesn’t mind paying particulars. A custom-framed outdoor kitchen can be designed for you in-house here at The Outdoor Appliance Store. Then, we ship directly to your home nationwide. So. get started on a custom design by checking out our free outdoor kitchen design service!

Benefits of a Framed Outdoor Kitchen:

  • Getting Exactly What You Want. Typically, most customers have a vision of exactly what they want their outdoor kitchen to look like.
  • Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design. You’ll be able to work directly with our design team. As you come up with a 3D digital design of what your kitchen will look like. Satisfaction is key before purchasing any equipment.


Start Your Outdoor Kitchen Design Today

a 3d rendering of an outdoor kitchen design for an outdoor kitchen guide featuring year round outdoor kitchen patio ideas


Building your outdoor oasis doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. Contact our expert team to start the free design process, and we’ll help make your year-round outdoor kitchen dreams come true. We can guide you on all the ways to make your specific outdoor area enjoyable throughout the year. Outdoor living is truly the best way to enjoy your family and friends at home. It all starts with a beautiful, functional outdoor kitchen.

Did you know…? We have the expertise and high-quality products to turn your outdoor cooking dreams into a reality. So, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get ready! We can help you to create a  masterpiece, as we design a sensational outdoor kitchen for you! Connect with us on LinkedInFacebook, and Instagram for more tips on enhancing your outdoor kitchen.