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Perfect Grill Choice for Dad This Father’s Day

Perfect Grill Choice for Dad

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to show some extra love to the favorite dad in your life. What better way to show Dad that he’s the best than with a premium grill he can benefit from all year long! Honestly, The best grill for Father’s Day is a Napoleon Built-In 700 Series Grill. Trust us when we say this is the grill of your dreams! However, you don’t have to take our word for it, though. Here are all the reasons to surprise Dad with this remarkable Napoleon built-in gas grill. 


All About the Napoleon Built-In 700 Series Grill

The Napoleon Built-In 700 series is the top luxurious grill for your outdoor kitchen that has durable performance. This built-in grill is available in 3 sizes and either propane or natural gas, so no matter how your outdoor kitchen is built, the Napoleon Built-In 700 Series is the perfect fit. as such, the features packed into this grill will surely amaze you and give you the flexibility to cook in a variety of different ways.


Stand Out

So, what makes this premium grill really stand out? It is the infrared rear rotisserie burner. The rear infrared burner gives you the perfect high temperature needed for expert searing. In fact, the entire grill allows you to get precise temperatures for searing, smoking, and rotisserie grilling, thanks to the ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge.


The cooking grids are premium stainless steel in a thick 9.5 mm iconic WAVE shape. No more food is falling through your grids! These grids allow for even heating and perfect grilled cuisine every time. Stainless steel grids are one of the grids we recommend for high-end grills. This way, you’ll experience unique sear marks, plus nearly no maintenance with these grids. The burner is stainless steel, too, making this a highly durable and professional grill.


Fire It Up

When you’re ready to start the Napoleon Built-In 700 series grill, it’s equipped with an instant JETFIRE ignition. Essentially, this starter will send a jet of flame to each individual gas burner so that it starts quickly and effectively. Your outdoor BBQ will have no waiting time because you will get all the food prepared and grilled fast for your hungry crowd.


To keep your outdoor kitchen safe, plus to stay informed, the Napoleon Built-In 700 series grill features NIGHTLIGHT control knobs with Safety Glow. These unique control knobs serve two purposes. First, you’ll never have to wonder if you left the gas on again. The knobs turn red when that burner is ignited and stays an excellent blue color to promote good vibes when it’s off. The second reason this is a necessary feature is that if you’re cooking on multiple burners, you know which ones are working hard.


Accessories to Seal the Deal

What is the perfect match for your new Napoleon Built-In 700 series grill? Accessories that genuinely take your grilling skills to the next level! Every grill master needs professional tools. Napoleon offers an executive 4-piece toolset that includes an executive chef knife, a large spatula, stainless steel tongs, and a silicone basting brush.


For all of you lovers of smoked meat and charcoal cooking, there’s a perfect cast iron charcoal and smoker tray available for this grill that will truly allow you to expand your cooking expertise. We always recommend you protect your grill when not using it too. The Napoleon grill cover is a perfect fit to protect your grill from those unpredictable Florida storms.


Delicious Recipes from Napoleon

At The Outdoor Appliance Store, we believe in providing you with the best quality grills and delicious recipes for a day of the year. We feature recipes in our Learning Center, and Napoleon also features incredible recipes for you to try on your Built-In 700 Series. These recipes include simple burger recipes for your Father’s Day gathering or a delightful meal for two featuring fine-quality meats. We’re not just grilling meat either! You can find unique recipes featuring grilled vegetables, fruit, and desserts. The possibilities are truly endless!


So, if you’re gifting your dad a luxury Napoleon grill for Father’s Day, then surprise him with a delicious grilled meal from one of these recipes. You might just become a grill master yourself! Then, no matter whether you’re feeding a neighborhood or a small crew, you can’t go wrong with any of these delicious recipes.


The Outdoor Appliance Store can help with any of your grill and outdoor kitchen needs. Contact us today to learn more about this grill and how you can take it home this Father’s Day. Visit our showroom in Bonita Springs, call us at (844) 234-7714, or chat live on our website. We’re here to help you! Let’s get grilling this summer and enjoy the beautiful Florida weather with your new Napoleon Built-In 700 Series grill.


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