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Perfect Grills for Condos & Apartments

Perfect Grills for Condos

Perfect Grills for Condos & Apartments

Grilling delicious food with family and friends is a favorite pastime for many people, especially Floridians. You can still experience all the grilling fun while living in a condo or apartment. What’s the solution if you can’t use a gas or charcoal grill? A high-quality electric grill will meet your needs! At Outdoor Appliance Store, we have the Perfect Grills for Condos & Apartments, Specifically, the Blaze electric grill is condo-friendly, plus gives impressive sear marks and excellent flavor to your meats. Before we dive into the Blaze electric grill, here’s what you need to know about electric grills.

Different Between Electric & Gas Grills

The most significant difference between electric and gas grills is the heat source. A gas grill will use natural gas or propane as a heat source. For electric grills, you just have to plug it in. Because of this, an electric grill can be used inside or outside, whereas you must use a gas grill in an open area outside. With electric grills, you usually won’t deal with flare-ups. Electric grills also have more evenly distributed heat than gas grills, leading to more consistent results in your grilling.

Electric grills are often smaller than gas grills too. This is good news if you live in a condo or apartment! The larger gas grills give it a more permanent placement, and electric grills can easily be moved around as needed. Finally, electric grills are a little easier to maintain than gas grills. The cleaning process is simple for electric grills with mainly just wiping down the parts. Gas grills require more heavy-duty cleaning and checking functions.

There’s no right or wrong answer between electric and gas grills, but it’s essential to see the differences to know what to expect. For those condo dwellers who only have electric grill options, know that you aren’t missing out on great quality grills and flavorful meats. The features of electric grills work very nicely with life in a condo or apartment.

Electric Grill Advantages

What are the pros of using an electric grill? For starters, it’s easy to use, especially if you are a beginner at grilling! You simply plug it in and turn the knobs to adjust the temperature. One of the significant advantages of electric grilling is the precise temperatures. You can easily reach and maintain the desired temperature for grilling.

When you live in an apartment or condo, you don’t always have abundant personal outdoor space. This makes an electric grill ideal because you can move it around quickly. If it’s just a small gathering at home, you can grill on your condo’s patio. If you have several friends over, easily move the electric grill to an outdoor common area.

Lastly, we mentioned it earlier, but it’s worth repeating the low maintenance of electric grills. Condos are tight on storage options, which means you need your appliances to have simple care procedures. Keeping your electric grill in top shape doesn’t require a lot of time or expertise.

Even though electric grills have their advantages, they are not all built the same. Trust us to find you the best quality electric grill for your condo!

Blaze Electric Grill

Blaze produces some great gas grills, so it’s only natural that we recommend their electric grill. Its sleek design, made with stainless steel, makes this grill look beautiful and built to last forever. The interior of the Blaze electric grill is top-notch and produces excellent flavor.

This grill features a lifetime warranty with a 3-year multi-user warranty. It’s also water-resistant, which is good news living in Florida! Getting those beautiful sear marks is what every grill master desires, and with the Blaze electric grill, the triangular stainless steel cooking rods make that possible. 

The 1500 watt electric heating element in this Blaze grill reaches a surface temperature of 749 degrees. Thanks to the 16 GA flame tamers, that high heat is distributed evenly to provide the best possible flavor to whatever you grill. It even has a pull-out drip tray, making cleaning easy.

The Blaze electric grill is one of the best choices for a grill at a condo or apartment. It meets all the condo or HOA standards while still giving you a great grilling experience. The Blaze electric grill is available as a pedestal, built-in, or table-top model.

When you’re on the hunt for a perfect grill for condos, look no further than the Outdoor Appliance Store. Our team can help you find the best electric grill for your culinary needs. To learn more about the Blaze electric grills or our other electric grills, give us a call at (844) 305-0125 or chat live on our website. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more guides and tips!