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Outdoor Kitchens and Child Safety

Outdoor Kitchens and Child Safety

One reason you have a backyard is so that your kids can run around, have fun, and burn off some of that pent-up energy when they get home from school. You might have a swingset, a tree house, and other fun things in the yard, but if you have an outdoor kitchen or grill area, you want to be sure that your kids are safe when they’re playing outside. There are several hazards that an outdoor cooking area can present, and it’s important to speak with your children about avoiding these dangers. At The Outdoor Appliance Store, we want the entire family to enjoy the backyard!



Stay Away From The Heat

Cooking outdoors obviously involves fire, and even if there isn’t an open flame, there is still heat that can cause injury to a small child. Letting your child know that you’re grilling and that they need to keep their hands away from the fire will ensure that they don’t get burned. When you’re not at home and your kids are running around the yard, make sure the propane cabinet is locked and that they can’t access the knobs or temperature controls to turn on your electric or wood pellet grill.

Restricting their access to the fuel sources can keep them safe, and it can be beneficial to always have someone supervising them when they’re outside. Kids are smart and can perhaps figure out how to turn on the grill or get to the matches, and having a babysitter or a neighbor keep an eye on them can save them from danger.

Lock the Cabinets

If you keep cleaning supplies and other hazardous items outside so that you can clean your outdoor kitchen, make sure the cabinets are locked when you’re not using the supplies. A child may accidentally ingest the chemicals or pour them on themselves, and that can create a very serious situation.

By locking the cabinets and keeping the key where only you know where it is, you can protect your children from accidental poisoning and injury to themselves and others

Discourage Play Around the Outdoor Grill

When you designed your outdoor grill and seating area, you most likely included stone, metal, and other durable materials. These are great for backyard cooking and dining, but they’re not always great for outdoor play.


    • You have grass and sand where your kids can play, but unsupervised children may decide that it’s fun to climb up on the stone half-wall and jump off into the grass.


  • While you want your kids to be adventurous, you don’t want them to sprain their ankles or potentially break a bone, so talking with them about how the grill area is off-limits for play can keep them from seriously hurting themselves.

Again, this is where supervision is key, as you, your spouse, or a sitter can ensure the kids aren’t playing where they’re not supposed to.

Take the Tap with You

A kegerator can be a great addition to your backyard kitchen, but if you have a keg that still has beer in it, make sure you take the tap with you when you’re not using it. If you don’t want your kids, especially those who are teenagers, to taste your favorite brew, simply remove the tap handle when you’re done. You’ll also want to be sure the kegerator door is locked so no one tries to move it and potentially drop the heavy keg on their foot.

It’s up to you how and when you teach your kids about responsible drinking, and you may not want your teenagers to have a tasting party when you’re not watching.

Backyard safety is key for every family, and if you’re thinking of building an outdoor area where you can grill, sit, and enjoy each other’s company, look through our online catalog today. We have everything you need, and we know you’ll love making delicious food for years to come while you watch your kids run around the yard.

If you have questions about any of our products, or want to know how you can get started on your exterior kitchen, please contact us right away. We’re always ready to help however we can, and look forward to speaking with you!