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Choosing the Right Appliances for your Outdoor Kitchen

Finding the right appliances for your outdoor kitchen can sometimes be a challenge. Quality and pricing, of course, are important factors to consider, but also, you have to take a look at your space and figure out what you have room for and what is important to you. If your dream kitchen includes a pizza oven, then try to come up with a plan that includes it. If power burners and ice makers are your thing, then definitely make sure to include them in your planning. When you include the right appliances,  you’ll be well on your way to designing an incredible outdoor living area of your own. Soon you’ll have everything you need to create incredible al fresco meals without ever going back inside to prep a side dish. We’ve put together a list of some of the options out there available to you.


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Choosing the perfect grill

Finding the perfect grill for your space is the best way to get started. You’ll design the rest of your outdoor kitchen around this essential cooking space, and you’ll start enjoying your outdoor space as soon as it is installed and ready to go.  Which type of grill is best for you?

Built-in grills for your outdoor island

  • For anyone building an outdoor kitchen, a built-in grill creates a seamless look. The best built-in grills of 2018 have sleek, stylish designs and come in a variety of price ranges to suit your individual needs.  Built in grills today can come with several different options.    Gas, charcoal, and pellet built in grills are a few of the options available out there.    Size, obviously is extremely important.  The most popular built-in size for a grill is the 30 – 32 inch range.   Built in grills range from 24-26 inches all the way up to 58-62 inch sizes.  The size of the grill should be dependant on how many people you are cooking for.  

Creating your outdoor kitchen space

Whether you want a few extra accessories to complete your grilling space, or plan to outfit your entire outdoor kitchen, consider these options for more cooking space, easy access to everything you need, and specialized equipment for amazing meals.

Expand your grilling options with outdoor side burners

    • If you hate the smell of pan-seared fish that lingers in your home, take it outside with an outdoor side burner. These gas burners are perfect for anything you’d normally cook on an indoor stove top. They’re also great for making side dishes and appetizers without using up your grilling space. Start with a single side burner, add double burners for more space, or add a griddle for more versatile options. Find the best side burners for your outdoor kitchen here.

Step it up with a power burner

    • For efficient stir frying and sauce reduction, the power burner is an excellent choice. Choose one with porcelain cast iron or stainless steel grates, and make sure it has a cover to protect it from the elements. Complete the perfect outdoor meal with a power burner.

Outfit your space with an outdoor refrigerator or wine fridge

    • Keep everything at your fingertips with an outdoor refrigerator. Don’t waste time running in and out of the house for ingredients. Choose a refrigerator designed for outdoor use. Their powerful compressors adjust to temperature fluctuations and keep your food at the perfect temperature.  If you like to drink wine (who doesn’t) an outdoor wine fridge can be a nice addition.

Stay cool with an outdoor ice maker

Don’t forget the vent hood!

    • Keep smoke and heat away with a vent hood over your grill. Choose a hood that’s 4-8″ larger than your grill for top performance.

Complete your kitchen with an outdoor sink

    • Your kitchen is complete with an outdoor sink. Look for a stainless steel sink with a faucet designed for outdoor use.

Warming drawers feed a crowd

    • Don’t sweat it if you’re waiting on a side dish or need to make several batches of something for a crowd. Warming drawers are the perfect solution! Choose one with full temperature control for amazing results.

Impress your friends with a pizza oven

    • There’s nothing more fun than an outdoor pizza oven. Get the perfect thin crust and let everyone choose their own toppings with your fun outdoor pizza oven.

Other possible “Must-Haves”

  • Outdoor Kegerators, Cookers, Fryers, Steam Baskets, Infrared Burners, Sear Zones, Cooler Drawers, Dishwashers , etc,etc can all add to the pleasure of creating your own outdoor area.  A huge selection of accessories are available to the consumer in today’s outdoor world of cooking.

With these great appliances, you’ll always be ready to cook the perfect meal outdoors. Make delicious meals and entertain guests with your new outdoor kitchen.


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