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Choosing a Grill: Gas Grill Burners Overview

Gas Grill Burner 101: Differences in Burner types

When shopping for a new gas grill one of the most important features to look at is what type of burners the grill has. The grill burner is going to be responsible for how hot the grill is able to get and to a certain extent the heat distribution (or how evenly the grill cooks).

A common misconception in the grill industry is that higher BTU’s are always better, but this isn’t always the case though. Aside from BTU’s there are many factors involved with cooking performance such as the heat distribution system and size of the grilling surface.

Cast Stainless Steel 

Cast stainless steel burners are the best for resisting rust out of all stainless grill burners. Also, with the cast stainless being thicker than standard stainless burners these cast burners absorb and distribute heat evenly.

Brands: Fire Magic, Blaze, Lion, Bull, RCS Cutlass
cast stainless burner

Stainless Tube Burner 

Solid rust resistance depending on the grade of stainless steel used. The highest quality of these burners is 304-grade stainless steel. Commonly found as either a straight-tube burner, there are also some brands that bend these tubes into a U-shape for better coverage of the cooking surface.

Brands: Twin Eagles, Alfresco, Delta Heat
Stainless steel tube burner

Infrared Burner 

These fuel-efficient burners have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Used for reaching high temperatures quickly and efficiently, an infrared burner will sear a restaurant-quality steak for you in minutes. Due to the high temperatures we usually recommend pairing an infrared burner with standard burners for more cooking versatility.

Brands: AlfrescoArtisanBlaze, DCS, Twin EaglesDelta Heat

Cast Iron Burners 

Cast iron burners have been around for years and have largely been replaced by cast stainless steel burners. Heavy-duty burners, but they have the potential to rust if not properly cared for.

Brands: Bull Outlaw Series
cast iron burner

Ceramic Burners

Ceramic burners will never rust and are able to efficiently distribute high temperatures. The downside to these burners is that they are much more fragile than your stainless steel burners.

Brands: Lynx

Stamped Stainless Steel 

Low grade stainless stamped together at the top and bottom, not 304 stainless steel.

Brands: Broilmaster
stamped stainless burner

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