Choosing Your New Kitchen Space

You’ve finally made the decision to create a new outdoor kitchen space on your property. You might have the perfect spot ready to go in the backyard, or you may need to do some landscaping work to get the space ready. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to choose the right spot for your kitchen, since you’re going to be using it for many years to come. At the Outdoor Appliance Store, we want to help you find the best options for your new space, but before you can start adding grills, countertop, and bars, you need to have your spot ready to go.


Renovating Your Backyard

Perhaps you’ve just purchased a new house and the backyard needs a lot of TLC. You may have landscaping plans already in the works, and if you want to add an outdoor kitchen, now is time to do so, before the landscapers begin implementing your new yard design. Mapping out your yard is a great way to plan for the space you need for cooking, seating, and entertaining, and you’ll want to begin by choosing the base materials for everything. You might have flagstones in mind, or you may need to pour concrete, but whatever the situation, it’s important to know what the foundation will be.

Draw it Out

Even if it’s just a rough sketch, it can be helpful to draw out your new backyard design. Start with a bird’s-eye view and draw where the grass will be, where the patio will start, and where any pergola or overhang will cover your new kitchen space. You can also plan where the grill will go and where the table and chairs will sit. You can always hire a professional design team to help you come up with the best plan, and once you have it, we’ll help you find the ideal grilling and entertaining options.

How Will You Access the Space?

When designing your new space, it’s important to keep in mind how you will access it. Will it be right outside the back steps, or will it be set further away from your house? Will there be a path or walkway that will make carrying plates and trays easier than walking across the grass? Part of the flow of the new space is how people access it, and when you figure out that aspect, the rest of the design will usually fall in place.

Deciding on Size

You may know exactly where you want to put your backyard kitchen and how you will access it, but how large does the space need to be? Will it be mostly you and your family who will be using it, or will you be hosting family and neighborhood gatherings on a regular basis? You want to be sure you have enough seating for everyone, and if you have 20 people over but there’s only room for 10, guests may not stick around as long or enjoy themselves as much as they could have.

Kitchen Orientation

You’ll also want to think about how the space is oriented to the rest of your property. You don’t want the wind to ruin your grilling experience, and you don’t want to be staring into the sun every time you cook dinner outside on the weekends. If you have a pool or your house is next to the lake, it’s important to keep in mind what you want your view to be and how close you are to the house or the edge of your property. If you don’t have a fence, make sure you know where your property ends so you can plan appropriately for your new cooking space.

If you’re designing a new outdoor kitchen, keep all of these things and mind and your design will be a success. The Outdoor Appliance Store is here to help however we can!


Finding the Right Outdoor Kitchen Equipment

People all across the country enjoy cooking outdoors whenever they can, and if you live in a place where it’s possible to grill and entertain outside all year-round, then you want a kitchen space that can accommodate all of your needs. That means finding the right materials, equipment, and accessories for the space so that cooking, eating, and relaxing are a breeze. At The Outdoor Appliance Store, we have an amazing selection from which to choose, and we’d love to help you find the perfect options for your yard.

The Grill

The grill is the centerpiece of any new outdoor kitchen, and choosing the right one can seem like a challenge. You want one that’s easy to light and easy to clean, and that cooks your favorite foods evenly and to a perfect temperature. With so many options out there, you may think that you’ll never find the right one, but our expert team can help you make the right choice.

We carry propane, electric, pellet, and charcoal grills, giving you the widest variety of options. You can choose a grill that slides into a countertop for a great built-in option, or purchase a cart option that’s easy to move to a different spot each time. There are advantages to both built-in and portable grills, and we’ll gladly answer your questions about each one.

Additional Cooking Options

On top of having the perfect grill, you may want a side burner or fryer where you can cook or sear side dishes while you’re preparing the main course. We have a number of great options to choose from, and adding a burner or searing station will make your kitchen more versatile and more efficient.

Another option to consider is an outdoor pizza oven. You’re not always in the mood for burgers and brats, and cooking a pizza while you sit outside and enjoy a cold beverage can make for a great evening (especially once the pizza is done). We have a number of pizza oven options, including countertop and portable products that give you the ability to take your cooking solution with you to the park, the tailgate, or the campsite.

Beverage Solutions

Speaking of cold beverages, no outdoor kitchen space is complete without a refrigerator, kegerator, or wine cooler (or all three). Keeping soda, beer, and wine chilled and on hand can ensure you always have a great party, even if it’s just you and a few of your friends watching the game on your outdoor TV. A well-stocked bar island should at least include a refrigerator and an ice maker, making it easy to grab a cold drink on those hot summer days. An ice maker also helps you cut down on the number of trips you need to make to the store for bags of ice that will only melt once they’re brought outside.

For those who want their favorite beer on tap at all times, a kegerator is the ideal choice. With various options that provide room for multiple kegs and multiple taps, you can create the ultimate atmosphere in your backyard. Friends and family who come over for a cookout can enjoy cold beer on draft, and you can change up your selection each time.

Additional Kitchen Accessories

Once you have your grill, your island, your other cooking options, and your beverage solutions, you might think that you have everything you need. While the main areas of your outdoor kitchen have been taken care of, there are other accessories that can enhance the efficiency of the space and your enjoyment of it. Having a sink in the island or countertop makes meal prep and clean-up much easier, and a vent hood will ensure that no party is smoked out by grill fumes.

For the vent hood, you’ll want to be sure that it’s appropriately sized for your grill setup. We can help you find the right option so that every time you cook, the smoke goes up, out, and away from your outdoor kitchen, instead of sticking around to ruin the party. Sizing, clearance, and placement all play a part, and we can recommend the best hood based on your specifications.



Finalizing Your New Outdoor Space

You’ve spent months planning your new outdoor kitchen space, you’ve had the work done on your yard to get it ready, and your new outdoor appliances and accessories have arrived. You’ve had everything installed, and you’re ready to cook and entertain, but it feels like something is still missing. There may only be one or two things you still need, but until you have them, the space feels incomplete.

Is Your Seating Complete?

You may have already had a patio table and set of chairs that you incorporated into your new space, but does it provide enough seating for everyone? Perhaps the style of the table and chairs don’t match with your new countertops and you need to find new options so that the space can feel finished.

What Decor Do You Need?

The grill and countertops are installed, and the functionality of your backyard kitchen is finalized, but what about the ambiance. Hopefully you incorporated some unique design into the architecture of the space, but what kind of decor have you chosen for your new kitchen? Everything from the centerpieces to wall decor to sunshades will add to the ambiance, and you want people to feel instantly relaxed when they sit down outside. Choosing the right colors will also play a part, and you want the outdoor space to feel like an extension of the inside of your home.

Comfort All Year Round

If you live in a climate that’s warm all year-round, then you won’t have to worry as much about comfort solutions during the fall and winter months. If you live in a spot that experiences colder temperatures, a fire pit or patio heater may be what’s needed to finalize your new backyard space. You can turn on the heat while you’re cooking lunch or dinner, and remain comfortable the entire time. You won’t have to layer up to go out, fire up the grill, and wait for it to get hot before you can feel warm.

The Ideal Choice

Your outdoor space should be an extension of your home, and that involves everything from cooking, dining, and entertaining. If you love hosting people and providing amazing food, drinks, and atmosphere, then an outdoor kitchen could be the ideal choice for your property. If you have an old grill that doesn’t work so well anymore, start by updating your cooking solutions. From there, you can build the new space around the grill, adding an island or bar seating area, or creating the perfect relaxation space with a high-top table or a hammock.

You don’t have to build your new kitchen alone. At The Outdoor Appliance Store, we’re here to answer your questions regarding design and installation, and we will of course provide you with a high-quality selection of product and accessory options. You have a vision in your mind of what you want the space to look like, and we’re here to make that vision a reality.

If you’re ready to get started, look through our online catalog today. You’ll find grills, burners, sinks, refrigerators, and everything else you need to begin designing your new kitchen area. You can start with the main components of the space, such as the cooking and serving options, or you can go all out and find everything you need to create a complete outdoor kitchen. No matter what you need, we’ll be here to help every step of the way. We have years of experience helping homeowners across the country find the best products for their home, and we’ve seen projects of all kinds come to fruition. It doesn’t matter where you live or what the weather is like – you can have the backyard you’ve always wanted!

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