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Getting Started On Your New Gas Grill

Getting Started on Your New Gas Grill

You’ve received your new gas grill, and want to get going right away. To avoid some common mistakes when breaking in a new grill, please take a few extra minutes to read this article before getting started (we know how excited you are!)

Gas Grill Set-up

Not only should you read the owner’s manual, but also make sure that you keep it in a safe place. In the future if you need to contact the manufacturer for customer support or warranty work they’ll need the serial number of your grill which is most of the time located in the owner’s manual as well as on the grill itself somewhere.

Also, if your new to this particular grill brand you’ll want to read the owner’s manual to familiarize yourself with all that grill’s features. Just because you were comfortable using your previous grill doesn’t mean you’ll be able to jump right into a new grill.

Fuel hook-up

Once you have the grill fully assembled, you’ll need to get the fuel hooked up. If you didn’t purchase a propane tank or already have a natural gas line run to where the grill is located, you’ll need to address that before your able to get going on the grill. Most gas stations and hardware stores will have propane tanks available for purchase. If your house is already running on natural gas or in-ground propane tank, you’ll need to contact a local licensed gas installer to run a gas line to your preferred grill location.


Prepping Your Grates

Seasoning, or oiling prevents rust from forming on your grill grates and makes them easier to clean.





Safety Tip

Propane tanks should always be stored outside. If you move the grill into a garage or shed, the tank should to stay outside.

Lighting The Grill

Once the propane is connected and the tank valve is open, it’s time to light the grill.

  1. Make sure that the grill lid is open. The gas could build-up and blow up the lid… you don’t want that.
  2. When igniting your new gas grill for the first time consult your owner’s manual, gas grills all have their own specific type of ignition systems and may not be the same as the last grill you had.

What If My Gas Grill Doesn’t Light?

Most modern gas grills have a “manual lighting hole” for this reason, and some even include a match holder attached to the grill (it looks like a long wand with a curlicue on the end). Find the hole — it may be on the side of the grill. Light the burner closest to the hole and carefully insert a lit match, preferably a long match or attached to the grill’s match holder. The burner should light right away.

Tips For Gas Grilling

Season your grates prior to use with cooking oil. This is helpful for a number of reasons:

  1. Prevents rust from forming on the grates
  2. Makes the grates easier to clean after each use
  3. Food is less likely to stick to properly seasoned grates.

Get the grill up to temp. Gas grills may be easier to start than a charcoal grill but they still require sufficient time to pre-heat before putting food on the grill. This could take anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on the brand of grill and what type of burner it is (standard or infrared).

Clean your grill after the first time you use it. You might not have to and probably don’t want to after using it for the first time, but this will help get you in the habit of properly maintaining your grill. You’ll run into way less issues in the long run by cleaning and caring for your grill regularly and not just when entertaining guests.