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Infratech Comfort is an environmentally conscious company which makes top of the line heating systems for residential and or commercial property.  Their heating systems operate with zero greenhouse gas emissions and zero UV light, as they believe infrared or radiant energy is the most practical way to add warmth to a space. 

Infratech has been an innovative leader in the infrared technology industry for the past 50 years, manufacturing all products here within the United States.  As a company, they're looking to exceed their customers expectations and that's exactly what they do. They even offer one of the most extensive warranty available to this industry. 

  • 3 Year Warranty on Infratech Products

Infrared Energy

A quartz based heating element enables these heating systems to emit a safe, clean wavelength only absorbed by solid objects.  Due to this, wind cant just blow away these rays in a draft of wind.  Rather, they stay firm and distribute the heat evenly.  This system of heating is quite efficient, much more so than competitors who use halogen based heaters or traditional gas heaters, both are actually on average 50% less efficient than Infratech systems. Infratech technology does all this all the while being more eco-friendly and costing mere pennies to operate each hour.

Choosing Your System

  • Sizing Chart 
  • Sizes/Control panel choices create a tough choice for a consumer, nonetheless Infratech is here to help.  While other lower cost controls are available, if your space calls for larger heaters or multiple heaters, solid-state controls quickly become your best choice for a quality installation.


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